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Trade bars quest


It's my first time posting on this forum so if I do something wrong, have some mercy.

Anyway, I recently got into this game and I have fallen in love. I've made a lot of characters, trying to figure out what I like. Last night, I played my Tiefling Scourge Warlock for like six hours straight and around level 20 (I think?), I got a special box that you can open with free keys you redeem for free from the Zen Market. I did so and it spawned a quest about Trade Bars. I traveled to Protector's Enclave and met with the person trading the stuff. Well, one thing led to another and I abandoned the quest. I regret it immensely and it makes me feel like I've f*cked up everything.

I've sent the support a ticket about this but I wondered maybe someone here could help me out? Is it possible to get the quest back, if so, please tell me how. If it's not, tell me anyway. I'll try to live with my mistake.

Thank you in advance.

a very tired (and dumb) scourged warlock


  • sunstreakmodsunstreakmod Posts: 7Member Arc User
    Hmm... the trade bars are "Fragments" ...that's what may be confusing you... don't look under currency for actual Tarmalune Trade Bars... you just get 3 "fragments" ...they are good for one enchant/companion rune, that's it. And the exp payoff from the quest is meagre at best. (So you're not missing out on finishing the quest; and just return to the seller guy, trust me you have the frags somewhere on you).
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