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Please for the love of everything Holy Allow players to access Yawning Portal at any character level

thevampinatorthevampinator Posts: 227Member Arc User
edited March 8 in General Discussion (PC)
Just play tested it, I really like this location. Problem is my lower then seventy can't access it. I can understand level locking under mountain by please for the love of the player base do not level lock being able to travel to the yawning portal please allow it to be a social hub for all levels! This is a perfect location for Roleplaying. Please don't level lock it. This I am begging. Because I am sick of it. This should not be level locked period, and it should be a hub like the Moonstone Mask.


  • pitshadepitshade Posts: 3,798Member Arc User
    Yeah, I don't want to have to turn off chat in there.
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  • kvetkvet Posts: 2,669Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    The moonstone mask is the place for that if you're too lazy to level up a toon. If you want to RP in the Yawning Portal, just level a toon to 70. It takes... what? a couple days maybe? Just, you know, roleplay it out.... make it a personal quest or something. Hit 70 and join the actual heroes in Waterdeep or whatever.
  • thevampinatorthevampinator Posts: 227Member Arc User
    edited March 8
    There is a serious roleplay community, thankfully its being built up now so hopefully we can see more roleplay outside the mask regardless. In d&d lore, inns and taverns are social areas, ment for adventurers to Unwind, and relax when they finish up their adventuering. Most players don't really do that but the roleplayers do, and well Yawning Portal has that feel and I feel its important no matter what you think of the Roleplay community for Cyptic to support that angle. D&d Is Roleplay, It was built on the foundations of Tabletop roleplay. For the respect of the ip I would like to see a Roleplay focus. There is many ways to roleplay too, you have questing roleplay doing the quests the storyline and immersing yourself. You roleplay by taking on the monsters and fighting them within groups. You can roleplay by making your own unique character in the setting, sometimes playing them outside the game in tabletop as several of the roleplayers I know and have roleplayed with do. D&D was meant for and is built for roleplaying and it always has been and always will be. Yeah and its fine to turn off chat, that is why there is options to do so. Say and Emote chat were added for the exact purpose of Roleplay in mind, Emotes were added for Roleplay. Even though it might be what you consider a minority it isn't really because you are roleplaying just by playing and doing the quests for the storylines.

    So for example if you hate roleplayers, you might as well be hating yourself because your doing it just by playing the game and its storyline content any time you do that your roleplaying the quests out your character is living those quests and doing those quests and if you do it for the story then you are roleplaying. Unless your the type to skip all dialog and just go for end game. Then you might be an exception and are just a end game person who focuses on game mechanics or pvp then the story aspect of the game and thats fine too and I don't hate people who are like that and they are perfectly fine with me. Sometimes one has to live through another persons shoes or see things through the middle from both perspects and I cna understand why some might dislike roleplayers some might think every one of them is erpers and that is just not true. Several of my friends don't even erp and no serious roleplayer would erp ever in publci those who do are typically those that troll roleplayers or don't know any better. Many goes to taverns for drink and food, to socialize and yes sometimes therei s flirting but that is also something that happens in real life too. There is also the ignore list for those who don't want to see it. So why block certain people from enjoying something they like to do just because you don't like it? What if you were someone who enjoyed pve and yet you are told its stupid and then people say the same thing about your pve, lets say for example if this was a pure roleplay game with little pve. And then a roleplayer said no, pvers are too toxic don't remove the pve cap for this area which would then be for example roleplay level 70, I think many would feel the same way about it, and would want more opportunities to pve. Now you see the boat the roleplaying community is in.
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  • thestiathestia Posts: 222Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    No one is blocking you from leveling to 70. You yourself said a tavern is a place where adventurers meet up after their adventures. So go out and adventure. It doesn't take long to get to level 70 and everyone has a new place to roleplay.
  • sandukutupusandukutupu Posts: 848Member Arc User
    @thevampinator don't worry, all my characters are level 70, I am sure there are others who will pass through the Yawning Portal to stop and have a drink with us.
  • wylonuswylonus Posts: 2,133Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    remember Horde of the Underdark was meant for +20 level and epic characters, if you start as new it give you quick 20 levels up.

    Yawning Portal isnt for beginners and designed for epic characters. you wouldnt survive Mephisto's gaze, lord of the devils. Run! go far away from this place!, come back later when you are 70 to face the challenges.
  • mithrosnomoremithrosnomore Posts: 571Member Arc User
    There are places in Protector's Enclave that anyone can go to and gather for RP, and that obviously doesn't include just standing around in PE itself.
    The Moonstone Mask is the most popular, but nothing is stopping any groups from going to the Driftwood Tavern, and the Tower of Alteration and Trade of Blades both contain a room that could work as a meeting/gathering place for some groups.

    And if you want to get out of the Enclave, the Fallen Tower Tavern and the Broken Crown Inn are both places that lower level characters can easily get to for social gatherings, and there are more places that become available for characters as they level up such as Blood on the Vine in Barovia.

    No one "needs" the Yawning Portal as a social gathering place.

    But, anyone that wants access can get it, and if they have any higher-level friends that enjoy socializing with them then those players can help them out by running them through dungeons to get them to 70 before Mod16 hits.

    But I also think that people will find the luster wearing off soon enough.

    The Yawning Portal is not at all like the Moonstone Mask in anything but appearance.
    They may both be areas that are dressed up like a tavern or inn, but the Moonstone Mask is built predominantly as a social area while the Yawning Portal is a mission hub.
  • kiraskytowerkiraskytower Posts: 334Member Arc User
    In a few weeks, the bulk of the player base is moving to the Yawning Portal. Not for RP, but for gameplay. It's the new hub for buying high end gear and getting/turning in quests and I for one am glad it will be a level 70+ only area. Lets face it, if anyone could find their way here, the first people to pick up and move out of Protector's Enclave would be the spammers and I for one would prefer this area's chat at least be free of that.

    Not to mention - are you really going to want to roleplay among all the chat of people trading, putting together groups and asking for quest help in the Yawning Portal?
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  • cherryman1cherryman1 Posts: 110Member Arc User
    I prefer to not have it open to anything but level 70 or higher characters. Those that can't spend the time in the game to get a character into it probably aren't going to stay around or provide much else in game. I don't think we need to cater to those players who just want to role play in the game when we already cater to them with other areas. While I feel most are good at not making other players uncomfortable in an area there are those that don't know what boundaries need to be kept in the game.
  • greywyndgreywynd Posts: 3,440Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    More specifically, what needs to be kept out of the game and needs to only be discussed in party chat and not in open zone chat. Like a lot of the HAMSTER that happens in the Mask.
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