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Xbox Console Crash


So since Mod 15 came out, myself and many others on xbox have had issues with their xbox crashing after trying to play the game after turning the console back on after turning it off with the controller. Now, if you fully close it before loading it, it wont crash. But for forgetfull folk like me its annoying. I saw a post about this before but not sure if it was seen. This only happens with NW so doubt its an xbox issue.

Reproduce Steps:
1. Start Neverwinter.
2. Turn xbox off using controller (Press and hold xbox guide button until the option to comes up)
3. Turn xbox back on.
4. Click on Neverwinter (It will say "Resume Neverwinter" if done right)
5. Crash occuurs.

Hope this helps and can get fixed soon.


  • demonikhandemonikhan Posts: 13Member Arc User
    I personally do not have this issue on Xbox One X, but I have 4 friends whoi experience the above 'forced reboot'.
  • nativerock9015#2463 nativerock9015 Posts: 41Member Arc User
    Yip, this has been happening to me since the launch of heart of fire, its only NW that causes it, also been getting disconnected for no reason whatsoever, fibrebroad excellent speeds, line tests all say I have a excellent connection but cannot log in today, get to play game sometimes character select then disconnected yet again. I'm based in UK. Believe its happening all over the place, not just Xbox but PC and PS also.
  • sorjal#1721 sorjal Posts: 5Member Arc User
    I have also been having this happen as well.
  • silvershard#4275 silvershard Posts: 95Member Arc User
    It can also happen if you switch applications mid game and switch back.
    I noticed today when I switched to Netflix, then went back to Neverwinter. The screen stayed black then the Xbox turned itself off. I couldn't use the controller to turn it back on and had to perform a hard reboot.
    It's obviously a known issue, it would just be nice if someone at PWE/Cryptic would acknowledge it and reassure us that it is being at least looked into.
  • I have the same issue where I get a forced reboot of my Xbox One every time I start the game.
  • johonxgaltjohonxgalt Posts: 59Member Arc User
    I have the same issue. The workaround I am using is to open up another game before opening neverwinter. This seems to get neverwinter to load fresh when I start it. The other game doesnt have to actully complete loading, just get in the loading queue to work.

    This happens to me on xbox one, not using a xbox one x.
  • ilidan693ilidan693 Posts: 1Member New User
    I have Little different problem. My game is crashing ALWAYS while loading merchant prince folly skirmish, and any chult area. What's more, one of my characters is permanently stucked because of that. I made quest "heart of darkness" and found Minsc, then tried to enter Port Nyanzar, and BAM! crash into Xbox main menu. Now I can't even log on this char, because of crashes while loading Port Nyanzar too.
  • bobo#5090 bobo Posts: 146Member Arc User
    I've had random disconnects from server when loading group content, going from port nyanzaru to pillaging the pirates, and also when going from PE to strongholds. All has been happening in last 2 weeks.
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