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New item for pvp build testers.

jonkocajonkoca Posts: 2,494Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
edited January 27 in PvP Discussion
Been doing lots of fiddling with my build this mod.

I really really would like an item that allowed me to summon a test dummy when I'm in a private pvp instance that would simulate player damage resistances realistically. So I could test my damage with the pvp reductions in place.

Sure, at the moment I sometimes go in with a friend for testing, but trouble is, sometimes friends are busy, and there are so many other variables flying around people's builds it's hard to get a definitive "one size fits all" answer, instead you get a "gee whizz this set up kills Bob REAL good" answer.

So please, dear devs, help a poor HR out. 😃
No idea what my toon is now.


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