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Bryn Shander dailies

bobo#5090 bobo Posts: 204Member Arc User
The only dailies I have been able to do in SKT are the ones in SOMI. I can't get any quests in lonely wood, and the only quest i can do in bryn shander is the epicenter. I've done them all once already but need more Bryn Shander rep to finish. What did I break? It's been this way for months, and I have been doing other quest in other campaigns, but now need to finish SKT, so I can be a higher IL for Chult and Barovia.


  • mary#1836 mary Posts: 5Member Arc User
    you got to upstairs from where you beat the last beasts and walk the wall to fight the yeti.
    the abominable yeti is horrible! I am sick of losing at every stage of this game. UGH!!! Just give me a good old walkthru already
  • bobo#5090 bobo Posts: 204Member Arc User
    I can't help there, after I got Cold run unlocked, I ended up saving my diamonds for a campaign completion token. I think I was only 40% thru the campaign at that point. I was just fed up with how effing grindy Bryn Shandar was.
  • johnnyreklaw#1518 johnnyreklaw Posts: 111Member Arc User
    I collected Bryn Shander, Lonelywood, and Cold Run quests and ran them all in one go. Takes about 2 hours. Don't turn them in.

    Then, you go to Bryn Shander and get the daily for currency. Turn in one quest per area. Bryn/Lonelywood have 12 total quests and Cold Run has 9. Pick up new quests when available, run them once a week, and you spend a lot less time overall getting these boons.

    If you are particular about the ones you turn in, you can never have to kill giants to get the runic pieces, but always have to kill trolls while collecting things from troll camps and other double-quest areas that make it faster.
  • bobo#5090 bobo Posts: 204Member Arc User
    Like I said I bought campaign completion token cuz I was tired of SOMI, and Blizzards return being the only things I could do to advance. Cold run is open now, but for some reason all the Lonelywood quests are gone.

    I'm farming now for Frosted Glyphs, and Can't do anything in Lonelywood towards that end.
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