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[PS4] The Heart of Fire Launch Issues



  • atwa#2521 atwa Posts: 10Member Arc User
    Haie Xilomne applies. I fire Naidyn Emenshire to make room. Now it's Emenshire applying, immediately after I fired her. I see Xilomne briefly before he disappears.
  • harerazor#0852 harerazor Posts: 58Member Arc User
    Update on auto-loot not working on everything, I think I’ve finally noticed a pattern. It appears to not auto-loot rare (blue) lol 70 armor (chest) and rare (blue) lvl 70 main hand weapons, in addition to not auto-looting stronghold vouchers and fetch items required for quests.
    Hare Razor
    ⚔️ Silver Blades ⚔️
  • harerazor#0852 harerazor Posts: 58Member Arc User
    Found something new, the Chult campaign haul trackers are now generating errors when you hit 100 Lost Idols or Forgotten Totems. It says you’ve hit your max and can’t earn any more until the Monday reset. You still gain them if you’re haul is over 100, but the red text still appears on the screen.
    Hare Razor
    ⚔️ Silver Blades ⚔️
  • godhunter#4951 godhunter Posts: 1Member Arc User
    edited February 23
    In the Leatherworking profession from 21-30, 31-40 and 41-50 crafting levels the crafting items meant for the Hunter Ranger are missing or the shared items between the Trickster Rouge are not labelled for use for the Hunter Ranger. The Hunter Ranger doesn't have any items to craft except for the shirt and pants items in those levels.
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