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[PC] Issue Claiming Free Companion - Neverwinter

Hello, I was given a promo code for a renegade illusionist as a free companion offered by ArcGames. I entered the promo code and this was met with success. The problem is, I went to the rewards claim agent in Protector's Enclave (I assume that's where you get the companion) but there was nothing awaiting me for pickup. So I am wondering if there is something I am missing...? Any help would be greatly appreciated. ;)


  • blackfyre#8192 blackfyre Posts: 2Member Arc User
    SOLVED - After logging back in a few times, I pulled up the 'home' tab in game and the 'Claim Valuables' button was illuminated. So I clicked on that and was able to get the free companion. Like I said, there was a slight delay in this option being available for me, so if anyone else is having this issue try waiting a couple of hours, or restart the game and log back in and see if the 'Claim Valuables' button is highlighted for you in the home tab.
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