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Character loadout problem

shadowbrethshadowbreth Posts: 10Member Arc User
Hello, today as title say i experienced major problem with my loadout on main char. I was doing weekly in river district fighting nostura. and i swaped my loadout on a cam fire in front of a encounter room to single target dps one. How ever since then i cant change it back. when i try it i hear sounds of change in back ground but change doesnt happen. And it doesn`t swap.

what i did so far in order to fix problem:
- Log out and in few times
- compleate game restart few times
- I loged on my lvl 35 alt to try changing loadout on it (no problem what so ever). But on my main problem still exist.
- I didi forced start with in launcher for scan and possible repair if my install files were corrupted. (everything is in order no problem with my game install or corruption). It didnt fix issue how ever.
- Opened ticket about hour and half ago. I haven`t even received conformation e-mail about ticket, but friend told me that they are just slow.

Now i am clueless what else i can try to fix this on my own while i w8 for GM response. How ever i cant play game like this as intended so i appreciate any help.


  • majorcharvenakmajorcharvenak Posts: 754Member Arc User
    Rest easy @shadowbreth. You're not the only one with this problem. I've got the same issue myself and the devs are aware of this issue as stated by terramak in the latest patch notes. We're just going to have to hurry up and wait until they find a fix. Sorry I couldn't be anymore help than that. I just wanted to make sure you were aware that the devs know about it and the balls in their court.

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