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A PSA for players concerning the "Fast Review" and "Easy Foundry Achievement" quests:

iandarkswordiandarksword Posts: 954Member Arc User
These quests are a scam designed to give certain authors an easy path to earn Foundry rewards. These authors claim to provide players with the ability to also earn these "possible" Foundry rewards simply by playing and reviewing these "Fast" and "Easy" quests. What these quests fail to inform players is that the "possible" listed rewards require BOTH Foundry Authoring AND Foundry Community achievements be met in order to receive these rewards.
"I don't know, I'm making it up as I go..."
Featured Foundry Quest: Whispers of an Ancient Evil [v3] - NW-DQ4WKW6ZG
Foundry Quest: Harper Chronicles: Blacklake - NW-DCPA4W2Q5


  • sandukutupusandukutupu Posts: 846Member Arc User
    For further information, the official wiki shows the achievement requirements here. Ever since they pulled the AD and XP rewards from the Foundry, your only reason to run our Foundry quests is for a sense of accomplishment and playing out a good story. The only reason to create a Foundry quest should be to tell a good story and get a sense of what a trial it is to create one.

    Enjoy! <3
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