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Game Direction after Mod 15 - What is going to happen?

Hi Devs,

Paragon path: will all classes be like an OP where the paragon path we pick determines the role we play in future mods. For instance DO DC vs. AC DC. DO DC will become the DPS path and AC DC is the healing path?

Paragon Feat paths: Just curious if you are modifying each class paragon feat path so that we have a viable DPS path, PVP path and support path. If that is the case, can the path just be rename to state PVP, DD and Tank/Healer/Buffer. If you are planning this can you make sure that the PVP feat path feats state, does not work in PVE. This will help us out with our builds and understand your term term plan.

Roles for Qing: Right now there are only 3 roles: Damage, Tank and Healer. With mod 16 or later will a new role or roles be added to the game such as Buffer? If a buffing role is added, will the buffs from the tank and healer role be reduced to ensure that buffer role are needed in content.

Class balancing: If you are going to add new role and expand the Q and provide all classes with two roles; will you go back and do another pass at balancing to ensure that all classes builds are viable?

Weapon Enchantments: Please review and modify these to ensure all enchantments are viable for end game, ATM there is around 3-4 enchantments for most end game players it would be nice if we had more options available to us.

Buff increase: Please add a hard and soft cap to these like the debuff - this way stacking for buffing will stop and groups can start to run two true DPS characters

Bugs: Please go through all content and fix bugs - there are many out there that still need to be resolved, not just the recent ones that have come up.

Just wonder if the devs team can share anything at all about what is planned beyond mod 15 to give us players a something to look forward to pass mod 15 release.

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