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Masterwork Task not Working

Hi . im trying to do complete masterwork all profession task before new mod come out Live , im start at tailoring task . i have done 1st task . after done 1st task 2nd task to be some major bugs it's not working . i have done so many try but it's just eat up my resource but not completing .
i have link the screen short , there is a task i have to make shart and pant gemmed elemental but i done that but not showing my quest done process . it was like stuck . please help me solve this . and if possible try to give me back by eat up resource on the 1st Taffeta Cloth 10 time 1000 each time . it was lot of resource .http://i1336.photobucket.com/albums/o657/bapi_basu/3_zpsh0gudy5o.jpg


  • agilestoagilesto Posts: 484Member Arc User
    There are a few items like that with the same name, but they're not created with the same profession.
    - The Pants you have indicates "Leather", they were created with the Leatherwork profession, it's this item
    - The Pants I suppose you need to have are these ones, from the Tailoring profession, since you're leveling up Tailoring, this item

    From your first screen of the quest journal, I can't say if the Shirt is indicated as correct, but from the screen of the items you provided, this Shirt is also created on the Leatherworking profession. The one from Tailoring is for CW class only.
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