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Artifacts and 3 Piece Set

mebengalsfan#9264 mebengalsfan Posts: 2,633Member Arc User
I'm slowly building up my OP and here is what I have for Artifacts and the 3 piece gear set.

1) OP Sigil
2) GWF Sigil
3) Orcus Shard
4) Wheel of Elements

I'm using the Orcus Set and was considering switching over to the Barovian set but I wasn't sure if that set is worth pursuing or if I should go with Apocalypse set over the Orcus set. I'm fine with the Orcus given that I farmed CN for 3 weeks 3x a day if not more until one dropped for me. But if another set is better for groups I will consider it over the Orcus set.


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