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First thoughts on Ravenloft.

mordekai#1901 mordekai Posts: 1,376Member Arc User
edited August 2018 in Player Feedback (Xbox One)
First, congratulations to the Dev team for managing to capture the atmosphere that rings so true of the old P&P version I first played something like 30 years ago.
Nice introductory quest line, clean and simple and getting to meet "The Guy On The Horse" so early was a pleasant surprise.
The Campaign format from Chult works, and this visually streamlined version works better.

I like the day/night cycle though I imagine after a few weeks, having to wait till night to pick mushrooms might become tiresome but we'll see.

The biggest improvement on a general zone level is that its not as crowded as Soshenstar and Omu. You can travel more than 100 yards without getting speared from behind by something that couldn't possibly use a missile weapon. The HE's are manageable and the repeatables are likely to prove less grindy based pn nothing more than the fact that you dont get constantly attacked on your way to and from them.

I've not got as far as hunts yet but I'm looking forward to that later.

BUT... I've saved my favourite to last.

Those witches...
I LOVE those witches...

It's like being in a Monty Python movie and murdering a bunch of little old ladies all being played by Eric Idle and Terry Jones.
They're hilarious.

Aside from the problem with pooling Companion Upgrade Tokens not working, everything so far in Ravenloft has been absolutely spot on.


  • seventaru#1314 seventaru Posts: 22Member Arc User
    Yep, I agree with pretty much all of this. Great atmosphere, more stuff to do and see in the map.
    My poster drop rate seems nonexistent, but it's too early to decide.
    They are raining salvage down upon us and I really love how you can sell all the blue drops and posters on trade house.
    Also super happy to have small heroics to just grind by myself when I wanna relax and not deal with people.
  • Have to agree with all of the above as well. Even managed to get a legendary bat swarm mount from a Undying Lockbox on the first day. Like the selection of good gear you can get as well.
  • mahburgmahburg Posts: 598Member Arc User
    I concur, this is the kind of experience that brought us in and kept us here, I like the rewards in the zone useful purples dropping from Mobs (yes please) the hunts are well put together and work well, the cards are a good addition and I like the ability to add difficulty and up the corresponding rewards in concert, higher level players can therefore increase the challenge and get better drops (close to perfection on this one) you can also add RAD cards as well which is a nice touch!

    Everyone I have spoken to in game and run with, are all highly complementary (Mimic King we detect your hand in most of this) :)

    Keep it up you are heading in the right direction with this, compared to Storm Kings (shudder) and then Chult , this is much more player friendly.
    Loving it!
  • mordekai#1901 mordekai Posts: 1,376Member Arc User
    Now that I've run through a few Hunts I have to say that compared to Chult this is a huge improvement.

    After I'd pooled a few Wanted Posters my second or third successive Hunt saw me get a bit too cocky and dash off before I'd figured out the riddles for the three locations.
    This is one of the times in this game or any like it where I had to rush to genuinely work out a puzzle that wasn't "move this item to its corresponding pedestal" etc.

    Loved it!

    I'm sure after a few more Hunts I'll have them all figured out, and TBH theyre not too taxing, but I would advise players AGAINST searching onlīne for all the riddle locations as you'll lose a genuine fun part of the Hunts. I'm sure the answers are out there...
    Trust me...
    This is NOTHING like the ball ache of trying to find the treasure map locations in River District or Chult... it is FUN...

    And to be honest, the amount of time you take to search read and memorise/copy the answers won't save you time in the game.

    Just... hurry up and fix the Companion Upgrade Token issue...
  • neverburnaclown#3112 neverburnaclown Posts: 158Member Arc User
    edited August 2018
    Why are the primal rings in both the new currency seal store and the old currency seal store? Same rings, same price two different currencies. Kinda lazy.

    But i do like the option of getting hunt gear or salvage from the campaign store for barovian coins. I really like that.
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