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DNA GH 20 is recruiting

DNA is Recruiting (XBox)

DNA is recuriting all manner of adventurers to join our SH 20 guild that is part of a full alliance. We currently run the following maxed boons:
[Offense]: Power, Group Stat, Arm Pen, EO:Ward
[Defense]: Incoming Healing, Control Resist, Defense, HP
[Utility]: XP, Treasure Hunter, Mount Speed, Healing Potion

and Non-maxed (8/10) boons:
[PVP]: EO: PvP Ward, EO: Stamina Drain

We are looking for seasoned adventurers who have at least unlocked FBI and are IL 9k on their primary account. We regularly run TONG and CODG content and are always looking for more players to run with. We are a Gauntlet in Broken Windows Alliance, and there's always some type of Alliance content going on. We are not heavy PvPers, but we are not opposed to participating in PvP content. We do not require any buy-ins or entry donations, but we do ask that everyone donate as they play to the coffers to keep merchants up. Our Alliance has a nearly full up-time on all special merchants.

We communicate using LINE, and while not required, it is highly encouraged.

If interested, please message /u/dorianblade on reddit or you can message [email protected] Shadow (our fabulous Guild Leader) or [email protected] (some scrub they wrongly gave power to) in game for an invite.
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