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Just over 2 million dragons?

sandukutupusandukutupu Posts: 1,178Member Arc User
I guess someone didn't fudge on the numbers? :o You see, I have 8 characters and they all have Dragon Slayer titles. This means I have killed a bare minimum of 400 dragons in total (50 dragon each and I got the kill shot) that is how it works. April of last year, Cryptic boasted 15 million players world wide on the 3 platforms. Now let's assume for a moment that only 3 million of the 15 million are active on the PC and the 2 million dragons were killed just on the PC and not across all platforms. Even if 1 million of the player killed an average of 3 dragons. that is not 2 million dead dragons. So if they are saying 2 million from the total 15 million what is everyone else doing? Something is wrong with low number of dragon kills told to me by Harper Boward. If there are 1 million players in this game and only 10% went for the title that is 5 million dragons. I would have believed 500 million, but not 2 million unless there are fewer people here than specified in that article. You need a better bean counter.



  • kreatyvekreatyve Posts: 9,841Member, Neverwinter Moderator, NW M9 Playtest Community Moderator
    edited June 2018
    Xbox has an achievement to kill 1000 Dragons. 0.23% of the Xbox players have unlocked that one. Not sure how many people have actually downloaded the game, and I'm sure it counts people who have just downloaded the game but not even played though, so I'm not sure exactly how many people have done that, but it's an interesting statistic. I personally only have it 25% unlocked (so around 250ish dragons), but then I haven't really tried to unlock it.
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  • archangelzorak01archangelzorak01 Posts: 324Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    I'm pretty sure when Cryptic boasted 15 million players they used the term 'players' loosely. What they meant to say was, "15 million unique accounts created." Of course that means everyone who played and quit, everyone who created an alt account to claim a promo, and of course... every account created by bot farmers, bot sellers and bot spammers.

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  • thefiresidecatthefiresidecat Posts: 3,406Member Arc User
    I got the 1000 dragons achievement a couple years ago. i farmed a lot of WOD when I first started playing this game. i'm probably well past 2 or 3k now.
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  • agilestoagilesto Posts: 479Member Arc User
    edited June 2018
    Taking the number of dragons killed by a character is not taking the whole thing into account.
    Let's see dragon runs on Well of Dragons, that were very popular for a long time. On one instance you have 5 dragons to spawn, but 40 players on each dragon.
    So by looking at number of dragons killed by players in the achievement line, you technically have 40*5 = 200 dragons killed, whereas in reality you only have 5 dead bodies on the ground.
    It's the same way for the low level instances dragons for the Tyranny of dragons campaign, and maybe Tiamat also if ever this counts as dragons in the achievement.

    And if you take the number of accounts, keep in mind that you don't see dragons that quickly on the game, and a huge portion of the total number of accounts don't make it until that part, and that's not counting bot accounts :)
  • nitocris83nitocris83 Posts: 2,511Member, Administrator Community Manager
    The dragon kill numbers given on PC were for PC only :) The 15 million players were for all platforms.
  • manipulosmanipulos Posts: 235Member Arc User
    This game makes me feel like a mass murderer sometimes

    So I guess what that really means is most of the time I'm still a mass murderer in the game I just don't notice or care?
  • pteriaspterias Posts: 661Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    manipulos said:

    This game makes me feel like a mass murderer sometimes

    So I guess what that really means is most of the time I'm still a mass murderer in the game I just don't notice or care?

    Lol, back a few years ago in my table-top game, my brother started to feel bad because of all the kobolds and goblins they were killing. He said it felt like mass-murder or even genocide of a species that were more of a nuisance than a real threat. Then some goblins tricked him into a massive pit full of piranha. More mass-murder commenced. :smiley:
  • sandukutupusandukutupu Posts: 1,178Member Arc User

    The dragon kill numbers given on PC were for PC only :) The 15 million players were for all platforms.

    So your PC population is not that high, because according to the game mechanics, to achieve the title "Dragon Slayer" you need to be the one who placed the kill shot 50 times. I have it 8 times, which means I have killed well over 400 dragons. I have also soloed Charthraxis a lot, but I am not counting those because we can't confirm those kills.

    Any player with the slayer achievement on dragons has killed a bare minimum of 50. Assuming I am the over achiever and top of my game... lol ...400 is the high end marker and zero dragons the least killed by any player. The average falls at 200. Two million divided by an average of 200 is 10,000. If I am average then 5,000 is total population. The number is very small considering the statistics. It is just math people. I also assume they are not adding in the 10 dragons players kill in the WoD every hour between #:45 and #:55. Which is a daily total of 240 per day, for the sake of argument about outages and low runs, I will lower it by a third to 160 a day. While places like the Neverdeath, Ebon Downs, Roth Valley, etc.. has unlimited instances. One of my characters hit the achievement on the dragon in the dungeon "Caverns of Karrundax". Do you see how 2 million just sounds a bit thin to me?
  • micky1p00micky1p00 Posts: 2,793Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    edited June 2018
    hmm why anyone who is on top of the game will bother with dragons?
    End-game is dinos, snake people and giant babies.

    Long ago we killed dragons, now, why would we?

    And ofc there are no 15 million active players.. Created accounts since 2013, do not translate into active players.
    A good estimation is for 15k-30k players.. And even that probably optimistic.
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  • strathkinstrathkin Posts: 1,242Member Arc User
    Funny I thought it said 5 million Dragons slayed on PC unless that's just what I thought I heard on PC.
  • pitshadepitshade Posts: 4,183Member Arc User
    You don't need the killing blow for the slayer title, just credit for the attack. If you did enough damage to get drops, you get credit for the kill. Otherwise I'd never have gotten Ghost Slayer on my DC back in Dwarf King's Crypt.
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  • sandukutupusandukutupu Posts: 1,178Member Arc User
    @pitshade if you don't have a title on any of your characters, attend a fight with Charthaxis. Hit him one time step back and allow the others to finish him. In you achievements, the Journal tab with the trophy icon check the number before and after the fight. If I am correct, it will not change. You need to place kill shot to slay the dragon, thus "Dragon Slayer" is not an easy title. On the XB1 and PS4 it could be a different story as I see they have a 1000 kill achievement.

    @micky1p00 You know that I don't consider myself "top of the game", as I was being sarcastic and place lol after the statement. I really wish they would teach statistical math to people, but I am talking about players who believe opening a lock box is a great idea. o.O At least you are on board with the player population somewhere near 10K plus or minus.

    Have fun killing the dragons! I sure do.
  • pitshadepitshade Posts: 4,183Member Arc User
    We used to farm the Dragon slayer title back in Old Karru from the wrymlings. It may be different now but it wasn't like that in the past. I may check later though.
    "We have always been at war with Dread Vault" ~ Little Brother
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