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How to revive PVP in mod 14 in a few simple steps.

tolkienbufftolkienbuff Posts: 1,407Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
edited May 10 in Player Feedback (PC)
I'd like to broach the topic of PVP again with some helpful suggestions that I feel would quickly revive PVP. This is by no means a discussion on how to completely balance PVP, rather simply an attempt to show that PVP can be raised from the ashes with a few steps and minimal coding changes.

1) Force rainbow Q's in all but private Q for PVP. This is a pseudo form of balance in and of itself, even if one class dominates because of imbalance issues, this will give each team the chance to get only one and potentially moot each other out. Then it's just a matter of which team has the better rotations.

2) Get rid of procced stuns and damage from gear. Procc's in PVE are inconsequential as most mobs are either fodder or CC immune. However in PVP that random procc of sandy's pants, the cursebringer ring (which still affects you for it's full duration) thunderhead (which is still not fixed entirely as self buffs that crit are also an issue, my pally can multi procc it on himself for example) and the chultan boon: impenetrable jungle.

The reason is simple, these are skill-less proccs that are random and therefore unavoidable. They give classes CC that don't need them or shouldn't have them and give classes that are CC heavy even more CC. CC is one of the biggest complaints in PVP. We want to fight, not sit dazed, stunned, or rooted for an entire match. CC should be used sparingly and skillfully in combination with a rotation in order to achieve the most damage. Not cause a fight where there is no actual fight.

3) Fix imbalances as best as possible. It seems this is the goal in mod 14 with the changes to BC on GF (good call as it's the GFs complete CC rotation that is overperforming, their damage secondary to that), and the changes to SoD on TRs. I'll wait till those are available for testing to say anything more on that as SoD has the tendency to break in PVP even with adjustments.

4) Re-initiate the NCL with good rewards. This is THE fastest way to reinvigorate PVP. Make it worth while for players. The mounts from the old NCL were highly sought after as well as other pieces from the trove. This was one of the best ideas ever implemented for PVP. It should be continuous and seasonal with resets in order to allow fresh blood to enjoy the potential for reward in PVP.

5) Please, please release the other map that has been present for a long time but never finalized/released. We, the players, deserve a new map :)

While these simple steps are not comprehensive, they are a simple road map to bringing fun, engaging, challenge and reward back to PVP. I would love to see some opinions on these suggestions or perhaps more elegant solutions.

Thanks for your time.
On ambush rings: "How would you like PVE if all the mobs were invisible?"

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  • callumf#9018 callumf Posts: 583Member Arc User

    Make it worth while for players.

    On the whole pvp has to have an end point/reward that makes it worthwhile to those players who are not good at pvp or who dont particularly like pvp in of itself.

    And once you can encourage people into pvp, if the balance on pvp was at least attempted then you might find players actually like it.

    I am very pro pvp but the current system of not somehow balancing teams just makes it pointless, alongside the ninja/rooting/trapping abilities of some classes. I feel like a punchbag so mostly just pk in Icewind Occasionally

  • demonmongerdemonmonger Posts: 2,932Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    New players and old non bis player's will still get one hit smashed by gwf and gf. I don't like to say this but pvp is not going to be revived until super burst damages and infinite heals and godly impervious players don't exist.
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  • tolkienbufftolkienbuff Posts: 1,407Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User

    New players and old non bis player's will still get one hit smashed by gwf and gf. I don't like to say this but pvp is not going to be revived until super burst damages and infinite heals and godly impervious players don't exist.

    Yes, so if an NCL is restarted there will be enough player pool that will allow the Q system ELO to start to kick in and put BIS, experienced, players against others of their own skill/gear level.

    Your pertinent point actually reinforces my idea. Thanks for the reply.
    On ambush rings: "How would you like PVE if all the mobs were invisible?"

    imgur pics don't work

  • feanor70118feanor70118 Posts: 828Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    1) Hard cooldowns on all dailies in pvp only.
    2) Just balance the amount of damage done by DPS classes.
    3) See above, for control. All prones should last the same amount of time.
    4) Balance the time taken by different classes' animations. I know Cryptic hates to redo animations but it's way past time.
    5) Heavily armored classes should move more slowly than lightly armored classes. It is completely ridiculous that GWFS and GFs can outrun TRs and HRs.
    6) Fix HR dodges so that they a) are big enough to be useful and b) actually avoid control abilities along with damage. A dodge is a dodge.

  • regenerderegenerde Posts: 2,092Member Arc User
    Start with a matchmaking based on the overall achieved Itemlevel of a character. As soon as a character reaches a higher IL, the player would be sorted into the appropiate queue automatically.

    Separated changes/updates for PvE and PvP, only because something works to well in one part of the game, it shouldn't been torn appart across the whole game.

    Special rewards should be available through PvE and PvP, just give the players a choice, and then let them play how they want to.
    Add a PvP section to regular events with similar rewards as for the PvE part.
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  • finalfantasyac7finalfantasyac7 Posts: 402Member Arc User
    edited June 24
    Perfect pvp balance tutorial.

    Step 1) Have the piercing, burst, radiant, etc damage removed from pvp.
    Step 2) All players should be doing the same amount of damage no matter how much defense/deflect you have.
    Step 3) Healing should be removed from pvp.
    step 4) Any Kind of CC should be removed from pvp.
    step 5) Have set bonus or any kind of bonus on gears/rings/enchants be disabled/removed from pvp.
    Step 6) Any Item level player should be set to default (0) item level
    Step 7) Have increased rewards for both winnig and losing team.
    Step 8) All nodes should have a debuff effect ( poison ) standing on the node for too long will kill you.
    Step 9) Have bigger nodes ( 3 or 4 times bigger )

    If you agree or disagree then please like , share, comment below and ofcourse don't forget to subscribe.

    Sw- 16.8k IL (pvp build)
    TR- 16.2k IL lv70 (pvp build)
    HR- 14.2k IL (pvp build)
    OP- 14.7k IL (pvp build)
    GWF- 15.5k IL (pve build)

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