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The Toothless Allosaurs GH16 recruiting both members and guilds

sniffa#1407 sniffa Posts: 31Member Arc User
Hi All, Fangs here the original leader of Somewhat Serious. We are currently looking for new members to bolster the ranks of our resurrected GH16 Toothless Allosaurs. We are currently looking for mature aged players that love playing the game in a drama free environment and are willing to be a part of an ever growing community.

Ever dream that your guild was the Helm of an alliance? Look no further as our alliance offers that to all guilds that are a part of our family. Within the Unstoppable Force alliance we rotate the helm once the current helm reaches GH20. No matter what GH level you currently are, you will be given the opportunity to be the helm. We are currently seeking active guilds to join us today as gauntlets.

Please contact me via PSN @Sniffa42 or in game at [email protected]
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  • darkstar2812#2272 darkstar2812 Posts: 2Member Arc User
    I am looking to join a guild (10K il Hunter ranger, casual mature player GMT+3), are ther any joining fees or other fine print?
  • sniffa#1407 sniffa Posts: 31Member Arc User
    No joining fees, no fine print. Just be respectful to others, help build the guild and most of all have fun.
  • flyheight#2161 flyheight Posts: 2Member Arc User
    Hey just wanted to find out if you all still have room for guilds. I'm very active in game and just recently took the reins of a new guild that I would like to start building.
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