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Tong battle under destroyed bridge

vorc#1785 vorc Posts: 6Member Arc User
edited April 2018 in Bug Reports (PC)
https://imgur.com/wfJfrvghttps://imgur.com/HE6RhzQSo we killed mini dinoz and that medium dinoz after that just spawned all types of enemies possible for third stage of this battle so eotyranuz deinos tyranozaur and allosaurz in this same time insta killed us all but somehow we did it and beat em all but wasnt easy xD https://imgur.com/SfAe5ys


  • gromovnipljesak#8234 gromovnipljesak Posts: 891Member Arc User
    That's not a bug. That's how it's supposed to work - if you reset on Orcus, they spawn.
  • demolitioninc#2453 demolitioninc Posts: 108Member Arc User
    With the right tank getting aggro is not an issue, OP always be prepared and have bubble ready there.
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