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Is Rex Corona still BiS for combat in mod13?

ashwilliowbrook#2249 ashwilliowbrook Posts: 22Member Arc User
edited April 2018 in The Wilds
I’m on Xbox so still have a couple of weeks to wait. I’m currently rocking Guise of the Wolf Clan and am considering grinding for the Rex, but definitely don’t want to bother if something better is on the horizon. Thanks
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  • dragonsbane3dragonsbane3 Posts: 167Member Arc User
    Until mod 14 hits Rex will be BiS
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  • heraldfayez#8520 heraldfayez Posts: 206Member Arc User

    Until mod 14 hits Rex will be BiS

    not much guarantee that it will change post mod 14 they don't like releasing gear every single mod so it's just possible is all for now until mod is released to preveiw or something
  • Thanks guys, my luck with hunts has been shocking but I guess it gives me something other than Tong to focus on for the next few weeks.
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