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Casual Gamers-GH20 is recruiting. All levels

zephyriahzephyriah Posts: 2,470Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
*******************Currently accepting any level, we have room for under 70's********************

Casual Gamers is exactly what the name suggests - a guild for gamers who have to balance their love of the game with work, family and other real-world commitments. We worked hard to build a GH20 guild with maxed boons, but we're now looking to transition and start working towards more endgame content. If you're a dungeon runner who'd like the benefits of a GH20 guild, and you're interested in helping newer players get into running mid-end game dungeons, we have a place for you.

We’re a well-established guild that’s been around since Stronghold released, we're GH 20, and have level 10 boons from the Stable, Temple, Barracks and Explorers buildings. We're keen to answer questions and provide guidance, but we encourage people to take initiative in terms of personal progression.
We welcome all players aged 21+, have no mandatory “donations” and no mandatory activities. Our goals are now focused on helping our causal crowd tackle FBI, SVA and MSP.

We have an active Facebook Community : http://tinyurl.com/casualgamers-fb

There are no weekly or daily requirements, but we do ask:
* No spamming guild or alliance chat channels
* Respect other players
* Update your member comment fortnightly, so we know you’re still active
* Join in dungeons if you have the time
* Racial, sexist or discriminatory language isn’t acceptable and will get you insta-banned
* We do Guild Dragons Friday nights at 10pm PDT. You don't have to be online, but if you are, please join us in kicking some dragon*butt

PLEASE NOTE: <------------------Temporaily disregard this paragraph, accepting all levels currently
It will be awhile before we take on any more folk under Lv70. You are still welcome to join our facebook group and get tips while you level, but we currently need to focus on higher level toons, with the only exceptions for support roles.

Night gathers, and my watch begins in just in a moment or two - hold on, I'm just grabbing a drink.
It shall not end until I start to nod off, my partner calls me away or my kid starts to cry.
I shall wear no crowns and win no glory - although not through lack of trying.
I shall live and die while AFK. I am the sword in the darkness, fumbling about for the light-switch.
I am the watcher on the walls who really should be helping, but you ran off without me and I need just one minute to sort out my inventory.
I am the shield that guards the realms of men - weekdays between 6pm and 10:30pm, weekends and certain bank holidays.
I pledge my life and honor to the Casual Gamers, for this night and maybe tomorrow, depending on how I'm feeling.

"In war, late. In peace, disorganised. In death, mild irritation."
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