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Stargaryen Alliance Recruiting (GH20)

House Stargaryen is recruiting for both 2 gaunlet guilds within my alliance and we are also recruit new members be that new to the game or veteran players looking for a no drama chill place to hang out and run content with good people and good friends. We are an extremely helpful guild/alliance and are always on the look out for more like minded players.
We run content all the time that consist of the follow.

- Dragonflight - to build our guilds within the alliance
- Tier 3 heroics as a group for influence throughout the day
- Salvage runs to make them diamonds
- Demo for Fez to make keys
- Tiamat when people want to work on Tyranny
- marauders in various strongholds
- Fbi,MSPC,Tong

The helm guild is working on its last build now and then all of our donations will be trickling down into our guilds in the alliance so that we can build them all up.
We have a fb page for the alliance as well as a discord so that we can continue our shenanigans throughout the day.

So if you are interested in join either our guild or our alliance with your guild please feel free to contact me on here or at any of the following outlets as we look forward to running with any and all new friends.

PSN- Vaultamor
Discord - Vaultamor#9857
Vaultamor / DC/ 15000+
Sweet Beets McGee /GWF/14500+
Meat Pie /GF/11000+
Big Poppa Huge Time/ SW/ lvl 70
Stabby McBlade / TR / lvl 70

Guild Leader - House Stargaryen GH20 PS4
Helm Guild - Stargaryen Alliance
PSN- Vaultamor


  • Knights of Devine Wrath GH 11 last week, a small bit of influence to go straight to GH 12. Very active guild, we host all content and have officers on around the clock. Been having a lot of bad luck with Alliance Drama (we would prefer not to be involved in that type of atmosphere) and haven’t yet found the right alliance for us. Fine with gauntlet spot will prove very quickly we are worthy of sword when our turn comes around. Do you still have opening? Guild lvl? Memeber count? Activity level? I am TARDIS_BLUE_WHO (on PSN) other leader is Mikeylfc1992
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