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Next mod should just be new dungeons and skirmishes that have tiered rewards for campaigns

thatguy321654987thatguy321654987 Posts: 39Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
As a veteran player, the game is dying if not dead; at least for me. I only log in every once in a while because there is just nothing new to play. The new dungeons are locked behind campaigns, which i find not fair. I feel a better way to get players to play through a campaign, is not to lock the dungeon but rather have it give new rewards as players progress through a campaign.

For example as i'm progressing through chult, tong should give new rewards. More brave for example, or new gear. Or rp. The point is you should be able to queue for Tong from the start.

With that in mind, i think the next mod should just be to add new dungeons, skirmishes, and trials that are ready to be played day one. Say one new dungeon for each zone, and have them give rewards that reflect a players campaign completion to give newer players more incentive to complete a campaign.


  • demolitioninc#2453 demolitioninc Posts: 108Member Arc User
    I 100% agree, we have a lot of veteran players and former guild leaders who quit the game or stepped down, because they are only playing 1 or 2 times a week for mostly nostalgic feelings. All of theses are tired of the grind, they always hoped for something new and got new grind again. My idea, make new scaling dungeons (meaning dungeons that scale with average item level of players) and bring back the old dungeons from pre Mod 6 and fix the PvP issues. I have 4 endgame toons now, MW5 done and I am already sick and tired of ToNG. In 4 weeks new campaign will be done on all toons and what then.......? Running ToNG and CoDG day in and out - I don't think so.
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  • etelgrinetelgrin Posts: 1,550Member Arc User
    oho... here it strikes again.. yet another "the game iz dying lulz".

    From the post it looks like you just need a new game. Ty and bai, come back when you find out, Neverwinter is actually great game compared to other "f2p" titles on the market.

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  • reg1981reg1981 Posts: 810Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    edited March 8
    Chances are with the release of Omu the next 1/2 mod is already completed and in testing.

    Also, correct me if I'm wrong but released content is not at the will of the developers, it's provided for them and they code and build around what they're given. Keeps us from having space unicorns with machine guns make their way into the game :D

    I don't remember the entity that provides the content direction but I am 90% sure it's outside Cryptics hands.
  • c1k4ml3kc3c1k4ml3kc3 Posts: 935Member Arc User
    I, for one, am tired of Dungeons with stupid drop rates. Ever since beta I ran dungeons and dungeons getting the equipment, running dungeons all the time and always again and again and again. Jesus Christ!

    I actually extremely enjoy to take it easy in the new content where it can be just about hunts where a lot more people can play and compete against eachother an actually get a gear or two. Drop rates are still crappy, but I don't mind since it's first go first serve thing.

    I wish to see many more "Hunt" based content instead "Let's go CN to get that +5 ring" - ugh. And not to mention the sheer volume of elitism in dungeon runs. The "Paingiver" competitions with people who know nothing of the internal aspects of the game. People who lose their will to play the game if they do not come as top Paingiver.

    I seriously do not care less for any new content revolving around the dungeons. Campaigns are mighty fine, though, as long as they're not having stupid boons like in storm king's campaign. That was seriously a huge, bad choice. A petition should be held so that people vote to have the Storm King's Campaign boons completely reworked! It seriously is a disgrace in terms of what needs to be done and what you get in the end. That's pretty much the only thing that goes on my nerves.
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  • sgaddis13#3703 sgaddis13 Posts: 107Member Arc User
    Some people will agree and some won't (as seen here,) but unfortunately I am in the camp that agrees. I think the game is suffering number wise, and I do think the content is an issue. I've also hit that point of only playing a couple of times a week.

    New players come and old players go in all games. Everyone's definition of "fun" is different, as well. It very well could be isolated, but it seems like a lot of people I've played with are either gone or saying the same thing the first two posts in this thread are saying.
  • madmatter#4672 madmatter Posts: 23Member Arc User
    What Cryptic needs to do is get rid of the current events structure and make new daily, weekly, and monthly events where you compete against EVERY toon that qualifies for the event. The events can be simple, say most kills in PvP, most times top of Paingiver, most times top of Damage Received, most completions of said dungeon, etc. EVERYONE who participates wins a reward, based on your rank at the end of said event. They could literally rotate dozens of events and the rewards can be scaled based on the length of the event (daily, weekly, monthly) and your position on the charts. Dungeon based events can be rotated so dungeons that see little participation (looking at you MSP) can start seeing people willing to do a dungeon and help others complete them. PvP rewards can be made special nice so people want to jump in and compete. I think this could be fairly easy to do and would like to see it implemented because the grind is too grindy with such sorry rewards.
  • reg1981reg1981 Posts: 810Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    edited March 12

    The "Paingiver" competitions with people who know nothing of the internal aspects of the game. People who lose their will to play the game if they do not come as top Paingiver.

    If your still shooting for paingiver you have much to learn lmao Support classes are where it's at these days! Closest thing I have to viable DPS atm is my GF :)

    Most end game runs only have one DPS eliminating the need to aim for pain giver...
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