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Poison Clan Alliance is looking for a new gauntlet

Poison Clan is looking for a new gauntlet to join our community oriented alliance. We'd prefer GH 10 or higher, with active, fun-loving players.

We have members covering multiple European and US time zones, with players speaking English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Finnish, Italian, and several other languages.

Each of our guilds has a distinct personality, but we're dedicated to fostering an environment free from elitist players. That means that alliance players who recruit for groups in alliance chat take first come, first serve - no recruiting by item level, no asking for hdps/vhdps, no ignoring players who qualify to get in the run as long as there is a spot open for their class.

Even when players don't speak the same langauge, we're able to make this work with patience and cooperation between guilds. We're a lot like Mayberry - a good, quiet place to live.

This is a great, family-friendly community. We have our own Slack channel so that we can exchange information, ideas, and builds outside the game. Inside the game and outside, our players treat each other with respect and have fun together - jerks don't last long. The most important thing is that we want to improve our community

If this sounds like the right home for your guild, hit me up. I'll chat you up to answer all your questions, then arrange for you to talk with some of our guild leaders so you can see how they like it.

GT Dread Venomous


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