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Fate of the Fallen-GH 20 with full boons req 11k+ IL [Xbox]

Fate of the Fallen is a level 20 Xbox guild with max boons that has been around over 2 years and is in the Denial Alliance. We welcome anyone who has a 11K+ item level before their current guild boons. We have the Explorer (x2 profession materials all the time and x4 during the events!), Power, Defense, Lifesteal, Armor Pen, Mount Speed and Experience (among the most important).

ALLIANCE – Denial’s full helm swapping Alliance with 11 guild hall 20’s and 2 guild hall 19’s for more than enough activity across beginning content to end game. As with any guild, the more you put yourself out there and get groups together, the more fun you will have!

DRAGONS – FALLN hosts speed dragons Tuesday nights at 7:30 CST wherein we kill 6 sets in about 30-45 minutes. The Alliance hosts dragons, marauders and T3 influence almost every night a week.

RANKS – Moving up the ranks from 1-5 in FALLN is as un-subjective as possible focusing on your time in the guild and how much you have improved your character’s item level.

RAFFLES – We try to have weekend raffles of Ultimate Marks, Pres-wards or other such items.

DUES – NOTHING! No buy in and no requirements past the 11k item level.

JOIN NOW – Xbox message any of the following: @Gothicbloodygem; @SAMCORULES; @BOW2THEHUNTER; @Ear1; @Mitch Rapp PCP

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