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Excalibur GH20 is now recruiting

oogreml1noooogreml1noo Member Posts: 1 Arc User
Excalibur, guild hall 20 and part of the TLO family will be recruiting a few select people to fill openings. We have all relevant boons including a sister guild with explorers boon and came together as a guild nearly 3 years ago. We require all candidates to have a minimum of 12.5k gear score without guild boons, bringing you to 14.5k upon joining.
Every building is rank 10, You must be friendly and fairly competent in gameplay as we are an end of game guild in a end game alliance. If you are interested in trying out please contact me on xbox one (same gamertag) or contact one of my officers for more information.
Only requirement is influence 4 times a week as that is the last thing needed in the coffer to max it out in readiness for a guildhall increase (if or when it happens).
You will never be asked for anything off of your character (extra donations etc) as we would rather you further your character as this has allways been the philosophy of this guild.


  • tiberiusrex#6660 tiberiusrex Member Posts: 199 Arc User
    I just joined, I can attest to this being a great guild with really nice people. the alliance is super active even in the down time a month before a new mod if you want to run things like tong msp and fbi, other things are represented but not anywhere near as much. if you're looking for end game this definitely is a good place to be. I've tried out a few guilds over the last month or so and this by far is the best. the only time I've had to go to zone for a tong run was in the wee wee hours of the morning when very few people are on.
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