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Suggestion for +5 rings farmability. A currency for it?

commanderdata002commanderdata002 Posts: 281Member Arc User
edited February 2018 in Player Feedback (PC)
How about a counter on a dungeon and we get a guaranteed +5 ring?
Lets say 200 300 or 500+ ndemos and a +5 ring. Or hell even one thousand ndemo idk.
As for the hunt idk probably 3-500 or more hunts to get a legendary ring.

The concept of +5 rings appeared in module 8 with demogorgon.
If you do a certain dungeon or other activity you have a very slight chance for a legendary ring.
It was an extra motivation for a dungeon or an activity which isn't really worth to farm without it.
It was more than 2 and a half years and lots of veteran or hardcore players don't really have those.
They just simply gave up.

Lots of us mostly hardcore players and min/maxers farmed these dungeons/hunts only to get legendary.
It leads to frustration and even burnout feeling.

In other Mmos its not uncommon you have to do a certain number of dungeon/raid and get a guaranteed legendary item.
Or you can farm a special currency for it from raids.
The numbers can be very big and take weeks or months but it can be done. And at least you see a number before you.

It won't affect casual players or mid-level players because they don't grind that much anyway.
The min/maxers still had to do the grind but at least it has a definite end to ease their frustration.
So the dungeon wouldn't be abandoned.

Imho the recent +5 concept should be changed to something like the mod8 twisted weapon set grind. That well you have some chance to have the weapon drop but you probably have to grind all the way. But with far greater numbers of course!

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  • reg1981reg1981 Posts: 815Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    The player base has been asking for this for a long time and it continues to fall on deaf ears.

    We've also been asking for a vendor to allow us to exchange orange rings, I have 8 in the bank that are completely useless to me as a PVE player.
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