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Sleeper Cell Assassins GH8 Helm Is Recruiting All Levels & Guilds to Join Our Alliance

tweak#7803 tweak Posts: 5Member Arc User
We are recruiting active players that are friendly, willing to help each other, work as a team & people that are going to pitch in to reach a higher Guild Hall Level while having fun. Everyone that joins will become a part of our family/community and you will be expected to do your part like everyone else. We all pitch in & we all reap the rewards, NO ONE is left behind.

All Nationalities are welcome to join, no item level required. We run all ingame content & Dungeons from Illusionist's Gambit To Tomb of the Nine Gods. We also have Daily Guild Events from our Alliance DragonFlight Event to our Alliance Dungeons Event. We always help each other whenever asked if we are able to help in any way & last but not least we have fun playing Neverwinter because that's what it's all about is having fun.

If you have a microphone then that's great because we always have a PS4 Party Chat up, If you don't have a microphone then that's fine too because we always use the ingame alliance text chat as well.

For Guild News, scheduled Alliance Events, scheduled Neverwinter Events & Arc News, Guides & Game discussions (Yes we have our own forum) is all on our Website.

If you decide you would like to join our Guild then Head to our Guild Website by clicking on the link below an fill out the Recruitment form.
Join Sleeper Cell Assassins Today

If you decide that you would like your Guild to Join our Alliance then reply to this post & i will get back to you as soon as possible.

We hope to see yall soon. Good luck everyone & Have a Good day
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