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Recruting; The Ragged Brotherhood

yiazzyyiazzy Posts: 182Member Arc User
I'm sure some of you remember me posting another thread recruiting for a different guild. But as all good things you do with a partner, it had to end.

Leading is in my blood, so here is my new guild.

Newly created, currently just me.

I understand that most players chase boons, and overlook us small guilds starting out.

But with us, you have the chance to watch as the guild grows, helping out and making solid friends. At the end of a very long road, we'll be as big as the guilds you all know the names of.

Here's what I offer.

- Minimum requirements. I will not force or expect members to prioritize the guild over their own activities. Just ONE influence heroic a day would suffice, and I'll be picking up the slack personally.

- Dedicated Discord server to keep in touch and up to date whilst not online. Great social potential with this. Also considering creating a Facebook page if our playerbase gets big enough.

- Help for players of all levels. Tomb of the Nine Gods is the only content currently in game that I haven't run yet. Anything else I can do, and I can fill any role, mostly prefer to go DPS on my GWF or Hunter, or Healer on my Templock. But I can DC or Tank too. (I have ToNG unlocked, but getting into a group under 14k is a pain)

- Social interaction. I'm not adverse to partying up with members, and I hope to attract members of the same quality.

- Understanding that real life does come first. I will not boot you for inactivity. If you've been offline for months at a time, then perhaps a kick will be in order, but if you are having problems in your life that take you away from the game for a while, don't fret, you have a home. I cannot stress this enough, the game is a grind yes, but it shouldn't feel like work to play. If you're having problems with playing the game, I will understand.

- Generous...perhaps TOO generous. A lot of players mock me for this. If I get something that I don't need, and another player I know needs it for their specific build, 9 times out of 10 I will just give you it and expect nothing in return. For example, I pulled a Celestial Stag legendary mount in August and GAVE IT AWAY FOR FREE. We're here to help each other after all

So, if my guild seems like somewhere you'd be happy to call your home, feel free to drop me a message at my gamertag; Yiazzy.

I'm GMT based as well, to be clear. Not going to refuse players in other timezones though.

Happy adventuring!


  • thegravelnome#9466 thegravelnome Posts: 270Member Arc User
    I love how you set this up! Do you happen to have an alliance yet? The Forgotten family is looking for Unique guilds to bring together under our Banner
  • foofighter592foofighter592 Posts: 36Member Arc User
    Sounds like you started a guild for the same reasons I did. I also have yet to run TONG. I got to the point where I asked “what would be more difficult, trying to find a group to run TONG with as a 15k TR, or lead and grow a fresh guild?” I chose guild and have had more fun helping rank up my members and making new friends than I probably would have had running ToNG. Just wanted to share my experience because it seems that people like you are hard to come by in this game. I wish you the best of luck in growing your guild!
  • yiazzyyiazzy Posts: 182Member Arc User
    Thanks Gravel ;)

    Thanks foofighter! The same goes to you! Helping multiple players grow is miles more satisfying than watching a character grow agonisingly slowly. And hey, once those same players get to the ToNG stage, it'll be fun to do with your guildies :smiley:
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