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House Stargaryen (GH 20) Recruiting Members

vaultamor#5427 vaultamor Posts: 44Member Arc User
Recruiting new players to veterans and anyone who is looking for a great place to call home and hang out with good people. If you are interested please pm me @Vaultamor on psn. We are currently GH19 with a few days left of construction to GH20 so come on and hang out with some of the best people I have met in this game.
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Vaultamor / DC/ 15000+
Sweet Beets McGee /GWF/14500+
Meat Pie /GF/11000+
Big Poppa Huge Time/ SW/ lvl 70
Stabby McBlade / TR / lvl 70

Guild Leader - House Stargaryen GH20 PS4
Helm Guild - Stargaryen Alliance
PSN- Vaultamor
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