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Reddit Dads recruiting

Hi everyone,

Reddit Dads https://www.reddit.com/r/RedditDads guild is recruiting members to grow our player base. We are a casual PVE focused guild. Do you have a family or limited play time? Do you sometimes have to put down the controller for bed time? Do all the other guilds have weekly influence quotas? Maybe we are the guild for you! We are a small guild but we do have a very active core group of players and would like to see more. We have grown over the last few months, and are now GH 8 and working on our boon and support structures. As we grow we are continuing to get new players of all levels to grow our guild with us. We are also members of the Poison Clan Alliance. There are frequent events planned through the alliance for salvage runs, T3, DF, Strong Hold events, etc. that members are invited to participate in. As an alliance policy there are never ilvl requirements when asking for other players for content if you have it unlocked you can do it. In the guild, players are frequently helping each other with dailies, leveling, dungeons, or just in party chat as we play. RDADs, isn't just dads we are open to all mature adults we have RMOMs in the guild too!

There is no minimum iLvl or requirements to join the guild. We just ask that you be 18+, be respectful, a mic is preferred but not required, and understand the RDAD mission statement which is:

"Reddit Dads was created to group together individuals who were on similar time restraints, due to being an active parent, which limits the time and energy we have to collectively play social games online. We filter out the children/bad players. Having a child is not a requirement for the crew but if you live with your parents, there are Guilds already made for you."

The alliance uses Slack and the Guild has a Discord channel that is used for communication outside of game. If RDADs sounds like a place you'd like to be, you can message me here, or through XBOX. My XBOX GT is: blue falconeer, however, the fastest way to get a response is to join our discord channel: https://discord.gg/f2YW7QB See you out there adventurers!
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