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Standard Spellplague Boss fight is regularly glitching.

mordekai#1901 mordekai Posts: 1,379Member Arc User
edited January 2018 in Bug Reports (Xbox One)
Since the joy that is Random Queues landed I'm having to run this dungeon fairly regularly.
In the spirit of "speeding things up" and "avoiding burnout" would it be possible for someone to sort out the final encounter so that the Aboleth Overseer doesn't just bugger off and not come back?

I get it... I sympathise completely... I want to be out of the damned thing as quick as possible, so the Aboleth clearly has the right idea. But since I need the AD I have to stay till the end.

It happens so often that it seems that the Aboleth doesn't even have to wait four hours before abandoning the instance subsequent times... which is hardly very fair.
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