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Vanishing Wizard

Not sure if this is related to my ongoing situation with graphics such as trail marker and loot glows disappearing after about ten minutes play.

Once a week my guild host DF/Marauders. Start with two dragon runs at the top of the hour, then Marauders at half past.
For the past three times I've returned to the keep to ring the second bell with the Travelling Wizard only to find that he's vanished. To fix this I have to log out close the game and start again.
This in't some sideways attempt to further my idea of making bells unbound or BtA... it's just a right pain in the HAMSTER.

Am I the only one experiencing this?


  • kreatyvekreatyve Posts: 9,707Member, Neverwinter Moderator, NW M9 Playtest Community Moderator
    edited August 2017
    This is not a bug. The wizard disappears for a set amount of time (exactly 15 minutes, I think) after Dragons are summoned. If the dragons are killed too fast or even if they are not, you still must wait for him to return to summon them again.
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  • mordekai#1901 mordekai Posts: 1,379Member Arc User
    edited August 2017
    Right. So I must be logging back in at almost exactly the 15 minute mark... that makes sense, cheers.

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