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Harper Bard "Song of Rest" still broken or broken again

290k hp oathbound paladin have summoned and unsummoned bard. No 10% hp gain, only hp gain from summoning comes from legendary bonus. Song of rest is 100% broken despite recent patch notes claiming it's been fixed.


  • dragonbones#1442 dragonbones Posts: 2Member Arc User
    I have recently bought one of these, planning to use him on my paladin. There still appears to be no bonus for "song of rest" even though it is showing as a buff on the screen. Any news on this? He is a cool companion if everything worked. seems its a long time in waiting for this to be fixed.
  • thefiresidecatthefiresidecat Posts: 2,978Member Arc User
    derp I just traded for one of these last night on spec for mod 16. hope it gets fixed
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