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Cannot post my Build yet :(

wdj40wdj40 Posts: 1,954Member Arc User
edited November 2016 in The Wilds
I have had quite a lot of messages on here and on Reddit asking for me to post my Build etc. I will do it at some point with all the synergy I can think of... love my synergy lol.

Anyhoo apologies as I cannot stay connected online for more than 5mins, my laptop is broken and keeps crashing with Thread Stuck in Device Driver, been trying to fix it for a while now but not successfully.

I will make it and post it as soon as I can :)

One thing for you guys to try is the New Set Bonus from the Shirt and Pants. Pretty sweet bonus and you can get both bonuses to proc all the time with the correct level of Deflect and Life Steal with a Trans (or lower) Shadowclad :)
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