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The wonders of Tyrannical Curse.

thefabricantthefabricant Posts: 4,850Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
edited September 2016 in Bug Reports (PC)
I was trying to figure out how this works, but the more I discover, the less I want to know and the more I just want it fixed so I can play a game without a mechanic that isn't bugged in about 30 different ways. Just thinking about this skill gives me a headache. So, here is some basic information about the skill:

Part A: The bugs of TC

The debuff itself scales. It scales with combat advantage, critical severity and buffs. To give a simple example, do the following:

1) Log into a SW toon, or just buy a level 70 1 if you don't have 1. If you happen to be the convenient dev reading this bug report, dev magic a SW.

2) Equip an epic twisted mainhand, remove all feats and boons, put 4 points into TC and 4 points into pillar of power. Make sure you do not have flames of empowerment slotted. Remove all other gear. Make sure you are on a level 70 character.

3) Open microsoft excel or whichever spreadsheet program you prefer. You will need it to keep notes.

4) Open advanced combat tracker. Make sure you have the plugin for NW.

5) Go to a training dummy. Make sure you are the only 1 at the training dummy. If you are using SH dummies, make sure a deer is not standing on the opposite side of the dummy and giving you CA. Make sure there is nobody remotely nearby buffing you with stuff, for example, a DC with weapons of light. Cast tyrannical threat and hit the dummy.

6) Look in act at the effectiveness of initial hit and of the hits of the chains. You should notice the initial hit has an effectiveness slightly in excess of 20% (read: ABOVE the 20% the devs stated it should be) and you should also notice the linked targets have no increased effectiveness. Keep casting TC with no additional modifiers until you have both a crit and non crit TC hit. You should notice the crit hit effectiveness, remarkably, is slightly greater than 1+0.2*1.75. The "slightly greater than" can be accounted for because it wasn't 20% to begin with because it was modified by your Constitution and Power.

7) Now, cast pillar of power and make sure you are standing inside of it. Make sure when you cast it, it is NOT overlapping with the dummy (thus you get the buff, but the dummy is not debuffed.) Now cast TC with the buff up. hit the target a bunch with an at will. If it is a crit hit, notice the effectiveness is roughly equal to 1+0.2*1.24*1.75. If it is non crit, then just drop the 1.75. You should also notice the chains ALSO get the buffed effectiveness.

8) You will now want to repeat this test with various combinations of buffs and debuffs and write down the results of each test, you will also want to check with combat advantage.

9) Somewhere along the line you will realize that with no buffs or debuffs, the chains on TC are not benefiting from the TC 20% debuff and that if there are debuffs present, it benefits from the debuff. You will also realize that with some combinations of buffs, it does benefit from the debuff and with other combinations of buffs, it does not.

10) If you are a dev reading it at this point, you will realize that it would really help if the people testing this BS had weapons with a fixed damage range and you would provide it.

110 At this point, you will take a hefty swig of a very strong drink, so you can forget all this silly stuff that is clearly not working the way it should.

This bug has existed since mod 4, it has been reported many, many times, it is darn well time it gets layed to rest. (TBH, I mainly want it fixed because checking each of the combinations for the debuff to see how it works, is giving me and a few others a headache.)

Part B: How I would fix it:

This fix is a lot more in depth then fixing TC, it would simplify a LOT of things in total. The mechanics of debuffs as a whole are really clunky, complicated and as a whole are a mess.

Firstly, I would get rid of the second type of debuffs that multiplies with the first, as well as the debuffs that multiply with all other debuffs. I would merge them into 1 additive category of debuffs, where all debuffs add with each other. All debuffs that originally multiplied with the first category, would then no longer be mitigated. This would over all result in a nerf to debuffs, which is somewhat made up for by the fact that there are no longer any mitigated debuffs.

I would then stop the debuffs that are scaling with buffs etc from scaling with buffs etc. I would then take the time to reevaluate class balance, after getting rid of this mess.

@mimicking#6533 and @panderus after 6 mods, it is time to lay this bug to rest.
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