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Lostmauth Set Nerf

superkwstarassuperkwstaras Posts: 64Member Arc User
So, now that the Lostmauth Set bonus is nerfed, is it still the best artifact set for us?


  • mirlegrismirlegris Posts: 309Member Arc User
    edited April 2016
    For a standard EXE TR, eLoL set still 3-7% damages. Better than other olds sets ( something like 1% for imperial, less for black ice )

    And Unlike CWs, LoL Belt give us already +2 in our main ability scores ( STR / DEX ) so a mix LoL set with an other belt is not efficient.

    Need to test Demon Lords set, but i think is maybe better than eLoL set ( something like 0-10% bonus depending your team and dungeon design ) if your RI is overcap ( no Arp on this set ).
  • superkwstarassuperkwstaras Posts: 64Member Arc User
    Thank you very much for the replies guys!
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