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Ban resolution and long customer service times.

loathin13loathin13 Posts: 1Member Arc User
Has anyone experienced a ban from paypal reversing a charge? I've been waiting for my ban to be resolved going on two days now and it seems like it's been givin the lowest priority. Any idea how long it takes to resolve these type of things?


  • ambisinisterrambisinisterr Posts: 10,462Member, Neverwinter Moderator Community Moderator
    edited August 2015
    Paypal reversing a charge (chargeback) and will result in your account being banned.

    I'm surprised paypal doesn't specify on that page but chargebacks are a malicious act. They exist to protect consumers from fraudulent charges or from disputes which can not be settled between the merchant and consumer civilly. They are the recourse to be taken AFTER contacting the merchant, in this case PWE, and asking for a refund.

    What you did is actually considered Friendly Fraud. Here is a news article about Friendly Fraud and this is a paragraph which relates to what you did and why it resulted in you being banned:
    Consumers "believe it's a faster resolution, and they don't actually have an understanding that contacting their bank to get a refund is not the same as contacting the merchant for a refund, and there's actually a whole series of consequences [for the merchant]."

    To put it simply, it is sort of like filing a lawsuit against them.

    For comparison if you did the same thing to Valve Inc after purchasing a Steam Game you would end up with a 9 week penalty where you account would be unable to purchase, gift or trade games until the dispute is finalized. Afterwards the card used to purchase the game would no longer be accepted to make purchases to Valve. The alternative to all those hefty penalties is to call the bank and cancel the chargeback.

    Support will get back to you but understand that the penalty for doing a chargeback is a permanent ban from the game services. It might seem hefty but if you think of this as a lawsuit (as this is not far from true) and not as a request to get a refund then it makes a lot more sense. If you have further questions feel free to PM me.
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