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Game Stop Later the loading screen (last update)

doidlokodoidloko Posts: 104Member Arc User
Hi, later this last update my game stop work later i see a crypt logo and a loading.
i dont see the select characters, my screen come to white color and game stop.

i already try force verify but dont work

what can i make to fix? need to install all game again?


  • ctseanctsean Posts: 5Member Arc User
    im having the same problem and the servers are up now..
  • re4nre4n Posts: 6Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    edited August 2015
    Same here, but black screen.
  • nitehawkknitehawkk Posts: 2Member Arc User
    edited August 2015
    I'm having the same issue. Black screen, and if I hit a key on my keyboard, I get a message window, saying the client.exe can't connect to the client.

    I've posted a ticket on this, just waiting for a reply
  • earthlightearthlight Posts: 3Member Arc User
    I now cant log in now the update is out? please help?
  • tboyjohntboyjohn Posts: 2Member Arc User
    same issue here, can someone post a fix if they have one
  • indikudi111indikudi111 Posts: 8Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    I got the same issue. It won't go past the loading screen. And I have a lot to catch up on in the game.
  • drakenartzdrakenartz Posts: 19Member, NW M9 Playtest Arc User
    Mine just boots me out when the Cryptic Loading Screen comes up with no message.
    Customer Support had no answers that could help me...
  • oldbob66oldbob66 Posts: 1Member New User
    Lo .. i´have the same problem .. and if i´click the following message appears:

    GameClient.exe dejo de funcionar

    Este programa dejó de interactuar con Windows por un problema.

    Firma con problemas:
    Nombre del evento de problema: AppHangB1
    Nombre de aplicación: GameClient.exe
    Versión de la aplicación:
    Marca de tiempo de la aplicación: 55c3d666
    Firma de bloqueo: 39a0
    Tipo de bloqueo: 0
    Versión del sistema operativo: 6.1.7601.
    Id. de configuración regional: 3082
    Firma adicional de bloqueo 1: 39a0b5c97f36339e05f98fed33c0cf59
    Firma adicional de bloqueo 2: ec0a
    Firma adicional de bloqueo 3: ec0ac3a0532a8d7cc6be0f8f0d34bfeb
    Firma adicional de bloqueo 4: 39a0
    Firma adicional de bloqueo 5: 39a0b5c97f36339e05f98fed33c0cf59
    Firma adicional de bloqueo 6: ec0a
    Firma adicional de bloqueo 7: ec0ac3a0532a8d7cc6be0f8f0d34bfeb
    If u have any solution please coment
    Thnx. Oldbob66
  • arca165arca165 Posts: 1Member New User
    Same problem on m game stay on CRIPTIC
  • AdenoAdeno Posts: 5Member Arc User
    Have the same problem, i could log on first then the game crashed and now it is not responding before it should load the chars.
  • AdenoAdeno Posts: 5Member Arc User
    I can play now if i

    1. add -d3d11Enable 0 to the comand line
    2. start in Safe Mode
    3. start with a small window
    4. only change window size where you can change char, not in game
  • katamaster81899katamaster81899 Posts: 1,149Member Arc User
    Run the game in safe mode and type in -d3d9 to the command line to launch the game. It will take a few minutes to load, and may become unresponsive for a minute or two, but be patient, you will eventually reach the character select screen
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  • zebularzebular Posts: 15,250Member, Neverwinter Moderator, NW M9 Playtest Community Moderator
    A new sticky has been made, please direct attention and replies to the following thread now. Thanks!
    Graphics Client Crash Issue
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