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Horrible Procedure

thralgafthralgaf Posts: 55Member Arc User
I'm pretty frustrated right now, but I will attempt to keep this amicable. The current email change process is absolutely terrible. I recently moved from one state to the next, and after getting everything settled after several months, I decided to give NW a go again. The first thing I did wa shead over to Arc to edit my account and email settings...NOPE, not gonna happen. See, if you don't have access to your old email account, you can't change it without contacting support. If you can't change your email, you can't receive the one time validation code, and if you can't receive the code....you can't play. Look-I get security, but we have passwords and security questions-why can't we use those to change our email address? I mean, in the flurry of activity of relocating, who remembers to change all of their game settings? Here I am, currently waiting for support to contact me (and I'm sure they are currently sending their responses to my old email address) so i can log in and enjoy the game. Guys-just make it so we can change our email addresses by using at the MOST security questions, like every other game out there. Thanks.


  • bagoatbagoat Posts: 171Member Arc User
    I hope you get a resolution. I am confused on a couple of things.
    1. Why do you not have access to your old email?
    2. What is the connection between having moved and having to change your email settings? I moved from VA to OH and still use same email.
  • thralgafthralgaf Posts: 55Member Arc User
    Because my old email was associated to my old internet provider. Once that account is cancelled, I no longer have access to that email account.
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