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Memories of Jade Dynasty

deceitsouldeceitsoul Posts: 97 Community Moderator
edited October 2017 in General Discussion
Hello there everyone.
It's been 8 years since official(Our)JD has been around. Within those years we met people who touched & helped us, also experienced things we can not ever forget , even said goodbyes.

With this in mind , I call on the power of everyone(All servers)to share your most fond memories of this game & why you still play it to this day.

Things to keep in mind:
1. Has to be positive( Any negative will be removed).

2.This will be important so I'm making it for a special reason.

3. Just try to be cheerful this is to boost the feelings you all have & to show how much you appreciate this game.

As for my story well, the year was 2009 June 15 - my bday actually, anyways not counting beta is when I first started to play the Game , Everything was new to us & Jaden was pretty low. Back then as players we hung out in town all the time, if you remember enough we used do a quest for a free timed skyblade just so we can do our daily Tasks. Funny thing was you had to jump multiple roofs just to get it or have a male carry your female character to the top. Moving forward you would meet friends & form clans/Alliances which would then blossom into everlasting Friendships & Companions, each would help with Quests/Bosses. Even the occasional Wars/PvP would Happen ,Those were great Times indeed. Some of them I still talk to this day. Others well I just wish they were still around.

Why do I still play this game ?
Well two Reasons actually ,
1. I enjoy the community & being your Mod.

2. The memories of the past are to great to forget & I hope to make new ones in the near future.
Asc Lv 160 fuwa modo - 7 years exp.
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  • reyvacomreyvacom Posts: 43 Arc User
    Memories you say? Lol. I was at work today reminiscing over the good ol days like back when I had like the Atari 2600 or the NES and having to blow into the cartridges lol. Oh sorry, we're talking about JD here eh? If you want me to follow the same format as yourself well.............I'll humor you a bit here


    I was in the beta test for this game back then. I started out as a Jadeon and after the beta test, I was like...................I'ma main Jadeon in the open beta. Nah. I met a person in open beta named Yuri, apparently one of the best and fastest leveling Lupins on the server at that time.

    We kinda formed a team together ya know. And thats a little secret that most people who know me and my characters don't know. At the start, I was the Skysong, she was the Lupin and when warred in our small little clan that we just happen to come across with (Oda was the leader....I think that was his name lol), we had a good time. We started PvP at a early time like tier 3.

    However, I say "a team" because we would kinda benefit each other later in the game. So aka leveling fast and well, we never really had to rely on our alliance since we pretty much duo'ed everything. Lets just say at times where people thought Yuri was Yuri, that was not the case and vice versa for me. We did this for a good while and had a good time with all the other factions and PvPing.

    The thing for me was PvP though. I was there to see it all lol. The wars like Insanity + whoever I think vs Elysium. The drama, I love it. Forum drama the same. Boy, trolling the forums at those times back then was great. Even after ascension and when the op'ed gears came in as a poor college student at the time, I still had a good time with PvP and taking down some of the greats at that time xD.

    PvE? There was drama and fun. I loved the fact I could just farm princes all day cause thats all me and Yuri would do on alts. Just rotate like a job. Your shift is over lol? Ok I'll do mine xD. Like I said, we never really needed alliances to help us with PvE stuff.

    The only main attraction for us is just the new factions that would come out. Discuss PvE/PvP stuff and level these factions. Play on ZX, then JD I guess. Pretty much got these factions down to a science despite the fact that we didn't have the best gears in the world.

    So TL:DR, drama, drama, and more drama was pretty much my fun aspect lol. Technically, that goes for most games I actively played. Technically, while it may seem like I trolled on the forums for all these games, I was actually trying to impart some wisdom.


    Why do I still play this game?

    I don't think I can answer that lol. I just check the servers out normally. Am I hoping for the game to revive itself? Maybe? Hard to tell.

    This was going to be a reason, but I dunno for sure yet lol but the only reason to play was for the new factions for me. I got a high leveled Gervin, but I really don't think I'm gonna bother with that last faction unless myself and Yuri tag team on it >_>. Not saying the last faction for Etherkin is bad, but good lord.........if we ever get the next skill patch update, Gervin becomes stronger, Seira kinda stays the same, Hydran is still powerful despite nerfs, and with that faction, its just a rofl stomp with all of these factions combined in a party.

    Ok so I guess for me its trolling the forums and strategy/talk on new factions pretty much. I play the forum version of JD heh heh.

    I also got good memories of the past, but I've got good memories of many things and games and people so I see things a bit differently. In other words, I can let it go lol. That or because the person I started the game with is still with me so not a big loss on the other people I met heh.

  • heromannheromann Posts: 6 Arc User
    I used to play this game back when it first came to the US. I was looking for a F2P game and this game pretty much got me into mmos and helped further my interest into rpgs. My first choice in faction was actually Jadeon but because I didn't fully grasp how to build the char, I switched to a Vim because I liked that they had good def and a sick looking wep. I had fun playing and met a bunch of interesting and fun ppl along the way. I still keep in touch with a few ppl. I definitely miss being in an alliance, coming into alli chat with people talking about the most random/silliest things, people being so helpful and friendly, running dailies together. I'll admit starting out I didn't understand how to build my char and over the course of the next few months from when I started I had to change my skills/tomes a few times. XD
    Took me 8 years to realize that there were multiple ways to build a char, just depends on playing style/gear/role. I ended up quitting the game which, looking back on it, was stupid because I probably could have been great. Came back last month just to check it out and was dismayed by how dead it's gotten or not being as active as it once was. I guess having fun, building chars, meeting ppl is what I missed about this game and the reason I came back. Hoping to make new memories for as long as JD stays around. =)
  • zephyr#1966 zephyr Posts: 3 Arc User
    when will be the release of the new expansion?
  • corapppcorappp Posts: 3 Arc User
    I started this game When Athan expansion came (Arden and Balo). We were a small group of friends, some from the US and some from Europe&Asia. We had fun catching pets, doing nations and pvp'ing. Still remember trying to collect materials to level up our crafting. We would go and pvp in Skysong back then with our newly made gears. There were no affinity or chroma back then, things were simpler and we were happier.

    Billows Race, Leowen's books were the events that I enjoyed doing back then.

    Why do I still play?
    As boredom strikes... I log in and play a bit of JD until next break.
  • dantesparda4dantesparda4 Posts: 1 New User
    i remember when i still had ascendency and a marriage now it's all gone characters and progress those days might never be restored ;-; things changed i dont like change not as much as any other jadeon who played this since the class with scythes was released
  • brawnix#4498 brawnix Posts: 8 Arc User
    I play jade dynasty for 8 years and I do not stop because I do not think it's a better game for pvp, which lately has not gotten the only pvp from the server that is BFS, for beginners or veterans in the game, jade is too weak for new players, have to be p2win to play, only i game because the Chinese of much content for Jade Dynasty, and I see that one day Arc Games, may have a good will to update the game, I hope they update because it has many contents new, go from new life to game and ease to new players, which is missing a lot on any Jade Dynasty server, Thanks for reading.. :'( :'(
  • godsbrgodsbr Posts: 27 Arc User
    It's 2009 and I just found this game, I really remember the first thing I saw when the game started A LOT OF GLITCHES coz my GPU could not handle the it hahahah.i then set the graphics to low and everything worked just fine. I had a lot of fun playing JD back then, i made a new friend from Hawaii, my first foreign friend and then he left forever, idk what just happened lol. But I just kept playing, doing crisis everyday at 10pm server time, Astral Tales was the BL of that time, I lot of noobs looking for bosses all over the maps. I remember killing mobs dressing a dress made out of book pages and selling the pages to buy pots and stuffs. I remember having to jump on top of a roof to accomplish skyblade quest, and killing princes to boost up the exp gain; I remember going to taniska to claim for my 2hrs double exp hahahaha, and going to billows to bot all night. We had to be in a party in order to be able to kill cursed.

    Oh God, so many memories I recall now.
  • eejarretteejarrett Posts: 122 Arc User
    been playing for 7 years started just before forta and mage came out. i only still play cause of the people ive met along the way . not many are left now though and if they leave i will too. todays jd is ran by who has spent the most over the years and any new player doesnt have the chance to compete unless they spend stupid amounts of money to try and catch up.
    coronation is getting swapped every 6 months to a year once someone has +12-+14 weapons. all the elites are in 1 alliance and dominate anything pvp so its pointless to even try things like elysium bosses for imbues or kirins. the elites get them for the 100s of alts each of them have.
    for jd to become great again PWE is gonna have to get active in game GMs for each server daily weakly events that benefit all and not just money users.
    new players start the game and leave within a few weeks once they learn how the elites are. PWE needs to make in game ways of getting gear items that are currently spend reward or lotto only items. so everyone has a chance not just the wealthy.
    the way things are going at the current rate jd is gonna be close behind battle of the immortals and war of the immortals and be shut down.
    all PWEs own doing.
  • kitsune559kitsune559 Posts: 16 Arc User
    edited January 13
    I've been playing since 2011. What led me to play this game was the style of the game, classes, races, etc. It was different from so many mmo's I've played. The grace and the beauty of the Celan led me to dedicate my time to this game when I wasn't doing schoolwork or playing LoL. The skills are even beautiful. It reminds me of mythical chinese gods and faeries. But other than the classes, the community was great. I remember Sunstream being packed all the time with people vending, showing off equitments, and finding others to do the quests with. But not only that, in other town's, you would see many new characters joining in on the game and asking for help and advices. Anyways, I hope this game doesnt go away...It's so beautiful in many different ways. Honestly, just update the graphics and particles to be more HD and up to date, make another good trailer about the game, make it less boring, and then just keep up with it, then you will have so many people play the game. Both old and new. Be like WoW but in your own way. Please don't give up on the game. There's no other like it. Also, please make it possible for us to transfer servers because I have a character on Wildlands that I've spent so much money and time on but I want to transfer servers since everyone play on billows now.
  • sheila1sheila1 Posts: 8 Arc User
    I have played 8 and a half yrs, just after Beta. I had never played any PVP or MMO games. But I found JD to be beautiful and it enchanted me, and got my curiosty .
    I started out very shy, and watched the others and listened rather then ask what to do until I made some friends. Some of these are still my friends today, tho many have left. Or they made new toons lol. But anyway...I will miss the fun times..like when we would have fashion shows in SS lol. Or exploring a new maps...Shura map scared me at first !
    I loved helping the noobs back then, there were so many. I shared the little knowledge I had. I loved Christmas in SS even with the lag. I loved it as we, all with different characters learning our skills sometime laughed so had it hurt! The cool pets, the wars we'd have in and Skysong and Kunlun.
    So many great memories, I could write a book.
    The most important thing we will all miss is the "family" we have created here. I can't say enough about all the fantastic people, even the trollers xD. Love it all.
    If there is any small chance PWE can save JD, you should reconsider!! The population just tripled in the last three months! Many old friends have returned!! We were just having the best time here in a year...dont bring it to an end..please :'( :'( :'(
  • heero200heero200 Posts: 27 Arc User
    Sorry to see another PWE game go. I remember the hype and interest at the start of this was big.

    I never got time to check this out. One opportunity I should have.

    Good luck, to All JD players.
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  • zaytiezaytie Posts: 4 Arc User
    wow... it feels nostalgic lol
  • sapphirussapphirus Posts: 239 Arc User
    edited May 16
    I remember when Ely came out, and Pre ascs was able to enter there with a set portal charm in the lands, someone made a charm and dared me to test it. I had a pic of when I was flying in there but need to find it again, ppl were so worried about me getting banned that I never showed it with my name on it. Funny times. When I find it, will post it since it wont matter now.

    Only got the name censored version...sigh...ohwell LOL

    Pre asc Queen of WLs (Sunstream server now)! IGNIS CREATING ALL YOUR DAILY RECIPEHS!!!
  • krit02krit02 Posts: 7 Arc User
    Memories of JD, my gf introduced this game to me :v
  • terralothterraloth Posts: 7 Arc User
    Wow... I just had my regular bout of nostalgia and thought to check in on JD only to find it finally shutting.
    I can't say I'm surprised but still sad... all those hours played, stash still full of rare items which are useless now... perhaps I should just give them away?
    I started a long time ago 100 level max I think and there were huge alliance wars and territory wars were talking points. PVE was actually fun as there was a lot of things to explore and find out -which unfortunately died out - for example how many people still collect the chess pieces in order to get access to Xaos? There were so many quests that were quite fun but challenging even with groups.

    But my best time was creating a clan and getting like minded people and fun Romanians, even Saichi :wink: and then forming an alliance with other fun guys like TheHazard ... the game was about the friends and community firstly, having a fun time and doing challenges came next.
  • lordreadlordread Posts: 9 Arc User
    Wow...where to begin...It's been close to 9 years now since I started playing this game, fresh out of high school. Back then things were much simpler but at the same time harder. There were no "incentives" or daily gifts nor treasure chests to help you out. It was just Humans with 5 classes to pick and Modo was always the most difficult one to achieve if you were starting out and knew noone since you had to travel to...wait for it...Doom Bog, which at Lv15 was almost considered suicide lol. Ever since I saw that class and what it could do, I fell in love with it, still am to this day.

    Meeting new players, setting out on quests, doing events together and eventually forming clans and alliances. This game became a part of my daily routine. Looking forward to playing with our newfound friends. Doing Crisis for 15 TAICHI PILLS and having to put up with that ONE SELLER with overpriced talismans but buying them anyways because you needed them. Avoiding trading realm in Sunstream because it was ALWAYS packed and super laggy. Back then, if you needed something, you could always find it on a vendor somewhere in Sunstream. Meeting GMs ingame and being in awe of their presence.

    I could give you stories, one right after the other, but that would take too long. Over the years, some of the people we've met became more than just people you knew in a game, they became part of this family that we now cherish and hold dear. Thank you Jade Dynasty and PWE for giving us the opportunity to be part of this fantastic game, with all its flaws, and be part of this community. I'll miss you once you're gone.

    Much Love ArchDoom
    Asc Dagos Modo/Billows
  • nevaeh55nevaeh55 Posts: 2 Arc User
    going to miss Jady Dynasty played since the begining different chars had alot of fun bye JD.
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