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Point Reward System, PLEASE bring it back!!

sheila1sheila1 Posts: 7 Arc User
Hi, a few weeks ago you took down the point reward system for arc but you said you would return it.
Today in JD a fellow player says they received email from arc saying they won't bring it back unless enough people ask. Well here I am asking and I truely hope you receive many tickets along with post's here. I enjoy playing some of the other games and if it were not for the point reward system I probably would have never tried the other games. Please hear us, we need the point reward syatem brought back!! Thanks in advance :)


  • eriierii Posts: 6 Arc User
    Yes bring it back! Why would noone want it?
  • tommytwotimetommytwotime Posts: 1 Arc User
    Please bring the Point Reward System back its really needed also the Dark Drake Cave Quest one of my all time favorite where is it please what are you doing to us HELP please we have supported you for many years TommyTwoTime
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