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Jade Dynasty Money Make before Death?

jamez22jamez22 Posts: 15 Arc User
I don't get this game, do they want to make money or not? when you guys listened and added chroma to the Kirin sigil x22 lotto, people bought it more because it's what they need, they dont' need affinity beads no more. Also after the update there was a bunch of jaden rewards cash items, 99, 150, and spammable, why take it out the next week? isn't it good? it means people are spending MONEY for ur game? ppl who have money spend ppl who don't farm, thats' as good as it gets? milk money while keeping the game alive.

ALso CS rewards instead of drake shouldn't you put Plantina sigil? or +13 or +14 sigils? whomever wants to get 11 to 14 that's almsot 1500 Jaden per piece they have to charge, and also by this time shouldn't the game be at that refinery for pvp?

Also why not make the badge reforger item exchangeable from cash shop so people can buy it or trade it? if not it's cool I know you need to make money somehow, and instead of reforging 10x per book why not 100x? or 20 times?

Should make tbowls easy to obtain so people can bs their espers, easier to get lumen gears soon they will release expansion again and new level new gears, you guys are making the game dead and not making money when you can while promoting pvp or giving people gears to pvp?

People who have money should be able to charge to get fully decked out gear or a 1 to 150 asc level item so they can make alts, why introduce so many new factions and expect people to make one?

I hope you guys will change the charge rewards to platina sigil instead of drake, also the 8+ sigil reward last year or few so was very effective it helped people imbue stuff, bring back the rabbit fashion all the other fashion, goat etc.. monkey fashion too. Stop hiding all the content and promote more pvp. Put back the 11x2 Kirin lotto with chroma so people can charge and spam, You make money keep you alive hire GM's or other workers, Come on now.


  • reyvacomreyvacom Posts: 41 Arc User
    Eh, I don't really care that all of it is pretty much maintained by China, but they got shit for brains when it comes to making $ with this game and they always have lol. It just got more retarded as the years went on lol.

    I could care less if the game is dying, dead, etc, you milk people to the very end. I've played many "dying" games and well, I ain't had one of em go full retard like PWE has done when it comes to milking players lol. I mean, I play Blade & Soul and well, NCSoft definitely knows how to milk players with their treasure trove events. People say that game is dying, yet who cares if you can milk your remaining player base lol.

    The best thing they did back then was that lotto. While I trolled some forum posts about removing it in the past, its a money maker. And if you want to milk players even more, then yes, Jaden Rewards would kill it. That's PWE pulling a "NCSoft." You make a major amount of $ in a short time.

    Now here is something PWE should do, but won't. Since Black Friday is coming soon (November), if I wanted to milk the players here, then I'd do the following:

    1. Bring back that lotto near black Friday time
    2. Bring out Spend rewards. Make it interesting though and make sure you include 100 soul inverters for every $20 bux spent. Hell, lets go all out here and have rewards ranging from sigils, expertise coupons, and throw in some current stuff like Spirit Square Jades, Spiritual Covenants, etc. Also, add Treasure Bowls and HDS to the mix.
    3. Jaden Rewards? Sure, you could do Platina Sigil for a absurd amount of $ I guess. Just make sure to include Drake and Kirin regardless
    4. Zen bonus. They normally do this anyways around black Friday time. That or Christmas time.
    5. Could bring out some good Thanksgiving/Black Friday special/limited items in cash shop that would be removed next maintenance after Black Friday is over. I bet one popular limited item would probably be that fatecharm lotto lol. As far as the discounts in the cash shop, I wouldn't really care.
    6. Bring out another big update to the game. This will make old players return.

    If they did this, I don't care about the amount of people left in the game, people would go crazy lol. Huge profits for sure. Look, this just one example. It can be even better under the right person lol.

    At the end of the day though, I know PWE will not do anything and Black Friday for Jade Dynasty will be boring. Then you'll look at their other games and say "WTF lol." Hell, I don't even think they gonna even make a news post about it. I bet on the week of maintenance for Black Friday, ain't nuthin gonna happen with JD lol.

  • sapphirussapphirus Posts: 229 Arc User
    I still wonder why the game is still up, and they refuse to advertise it if so to bring much more ppl. Must be the top chargers keeping the game paid to atleast keep them online, but tbh, I dont want to see the game die, but the GMs on JD pretty much don't give a damn about ppl's concerns anymore. I mean, shit, SS still has spamming NPCs, knowing well it's annoying as fuck and they still haven't done anything about it after almost 2 years. I do see ppl slowly returning the past months, some mains but others, not sure if they're alts or new ppl.
    Pre asc Queen of WLs (Sunstream server now)! IGNIS CREATING ALL YOUR DAILY RECIPEHS!!!
  • dramothdramoth Posts: 58 Arc User
    Glad to see i was correct: nobody fixing jack shit on this game :)
    1 year away and i bet after client updated and i get back in - all the same bugs.

    Looking at the spam on updater is nice too btw. Charge this and spend that. Greedy much?
    Howabout fix those damned lags already, fix the bugs reported 10000x over (i alone reported over 100+ before i left),
    and maybe get some more action here?
    Hell, i'll come come back perma and promise to spend 1$ as soon as every bug on my list that i submitted fixed! :)
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