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Your event is broken.

After Leowen wailed about his books in several system messages, they appeared as mobs near Sunstream, and each of those mobs dropped a book. The description of those books said to turn them in to Leowen, and he does have that Lotus bud icon above his head, yet when I try to talk to him, there are no dialog options. So now I have an inventory full of books, and no way to turn them in. What's wrong with Leowen?


  • kriscoookriscooo Posts: 1 New User
    you have to match the books up with the series. if you are missing 1 / 4 you have to collect the other 3 / 4's of the books you are missing
  • branwen#4657 branwen Posts: 2 Arc User
    edited August 17
    It wasn't that, I had several complete sets, and about two or three days after I made this post, I was able to turn them in. Suppose it might be that the event had a lvl reuirement of lvl70? I think I was lvl69 when I got the books, and lvl71or higher when I finally managed to turn them in.
    But if it was that, there should have been some kind of indication of that in game, not just this lack of a dialogue.

    And now, the event seems to be gone entirely - no book mobs, no wailing Leowen.

    (After a few days of no response, I had stopped checking back for answers here - came to the forums again today because of a different issue, and saw that there was a response)

    Edit: It was gone, until just now O.o
    Now it seems to be half there, and half not - I heard/read Leowen wailing, and there was a dialogue where he told me to look for his books, but so far I haven't seen them anywhere. Could be that their spawnpoint was changed, or that there is a delay between Leowen's wailing and the spawning of the book mobs, but so far it looks like they're just not there. Guess I'll see ...
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  • kerrri17kerrri17 Posts: 10 Arc User
    edited September 8
    ... don`t see your problem at all - all still up and workin


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