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sweeetkittysweeetkitty Posts: 9 Arc User
edited June 2017 in Technical Support Zone
Hi , I wanted to ask if I can download arc client in drive other than C: drive ? Is it possible? Are we given option to choose between which drive to jnstall arc on like I have two drives C: & D : and I want to install some games on D : and some on C: ....so question is can I download one game on one drive & other game on other drive or all games move to the same drive where arc has been installed ?
I wish to use my ssd on some games I like to play quite often & hdd for other games that's y this question . Hopefully I am gonnA get some reply back :smile:


  • baneof1000adbaneof1000ad Posts: 4 Arc User
    idk if arc will allow you change game folder location but can just bypass arc alltogether just move game files over onto D: drive
    create shortcut to elementalclient.exe and patcher.exe go properties of these shortcuts and add arc:1 to the end of target line
    so should look like
    "D:\Jade Dynasty_en\element\elementclient.exe" arc:1
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