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  • mage skill "Sinister Force" costs full mana again although the dark awakening skill "Sinister Protection (Dark)" is maxed.
  • now over 1 1/2 months since arena worked for EU. the first 2 weeks i was like "ye they gonna fix it soon", but nothing happened x.x i really miss doing arena, can you please look into this domino?
  • Im not judging a whole class on 1 or 2 people. Even on Dyos, there are a lot of well equipped warris/mms/sins who may not do lots of arena but are still the most pain in the a** in open pvp. : P You guys are just an example because we face you the …
  • Of course, other people deal dmg as well but Sky or Haffi got a lot less cc and are more vulnerable to cc. And someone like Seizmo doesnt have the high burst dmg warris sins or mms have. I understand that your chars are near to max but the over…
  • Sins got nerfed last patch though, nobody uses assassinate for pvp pff But in all honesty, you and aro + 3rd have been dominating arena for a long while, thats not exactly the right position to complain from. Not sure what you mean by "domina…
  • Hey My personal list would be sth like this: Warrior: Develich, because ew menengroth, great player TerrorDragon, insane stats Bard: Seizmo, hands down the nr1 Haffsbard Irrtys mm: MachTrois, i hate this guy! i…
  • d33pic3 wrote: » Well, that's low down. But ppl always start flaming (or try to) when they have no arguments left But to be honest, it's more like this. Maybe ppl find out which game it is xD Greetz DeepIce Plus: Your …