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  • I think maybe this post has gone un noticed , because this isnt the 1st post like this and the last one was deleted. so i wonder how much longer it will last. so dissapointing it has come to this.
  • Domino said ,Questing, Mob Kills, Instances, general grinding is how to get the items for relic , what mobs drop these items , and waht instances , please be more specific , cause i havent seen anytheng drop these items
  • Yeah its cst that is bugging encourage just if u use 1 bullet , it should have a 20 acc varience to stop this from happening , i dont have it in my bot and never have , i can fire several shota b4 it comes back up and it needs to be fixed as it is n…
  • i also noticd the mana cost still applied when the buff drops
  • Yeah Full mana , cost 108 mana per tick , i can run this all day due to low cost and soulforce return at lvl 4. maybe its just me , idk why tho , just sux to have that skill being intermitant loosing 900 attack when it happens , and it happens often…
  • I Also have been playing this game for years and recently i get the feeling of impending doom for the future of the game , and it feels like the not to distsant future , al the orbs and sales just seem like desperate money grabing tatcits. i have …