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Laethera - Nyos
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  • Drachus - Eyrda wrote: » Dun hate on the azures. I have an azure in every piece of gear. 4 level 4's, and 4 level 5's - working on the other level 5's. Imma mana bard. T;Cool ... which is totally fine for a pvp focused water bard. Hi m…
  • Nyos - Nyos wrote: » There is just no way of knowing what kind of build would do good at pvp for blood raider for now. Can only know what does talent do and have to wait and see how it become effective in pvp. Just like waterbard was better than w…
  • d33pic3 wrote: » Ah oke so thats your ingame name too :> well then *raises glass* and as we say in germany "Prost!" Pft. Cheers! *rolls with the glass on the floor* didnt we move a bit away from the actual topic of this discussio…
  • d33pic3 wrote: » That's mean Just give me a little hint. First two letters of your name Ehm, you can read it right there. Laethera! T;Cool Otherwise, im the only bard in EU who's got azures instead of goldsparks/shatters, i believe
  • Doesnt know who i am.. DeepIce! Im a bard. Nyos server, KoS guild, weird water bard who rages on ice mages 24/7 in X server whenever it meets one! *-* Anehwah. BEEEEER *raises up glass with Seiph, drach and DI*
  • Drachus - Eyrda wrote: » I'm not on EU on my bard, but can I request a beer too as a fellow bard on NA? -begging tiger smiley- Ofc drach! p.s. DRAAAAAAAAAAAACH *cute tiger smiley* DeepIce, get to work, we need beers here! You have to be fo…
  • Doesnt mention me... HOW DO YOU DARE, DUDE I BARELY EVER VS'D?! Thats an insult ot every bard in every server. You HAVE to mention every bard you ever saw and remember em. And love em. And give em a glomp. And a beer. No, im not drunk, but i wish i…
  • Drachus - Eyrda wrote: » Wind maneuver 3/2 gives immunity to feast. DT has 3/2 wind maneuver. It doesn't dispel a feast which has already been cast, but since chorus of wind is instant cast and feast has a decently long cast time, it's very po…
  • ILikeBigGu - Illyfue wrote: » I agree defensive builds get less effective, earlier have been obvious choice to go arena, now elemental set are just as good. And the talent bonuses adding crit chance and damage is higher than defense afaik? (howeve…
  • Crit def hoe n°2, EU version, Nyos in particular. Crit def build nerfed for? We'll get also crit def talents sweetie lol I saw different talent builds getting crit def buffs/boosts. However, water bard crit def build will still be effective since …
  • Taking bets on how much will take for this topic to turn out into a fight. Curen, hide! ;P
  • Isock - Eyrda wrote: » i think it depends more on knowing your role during pvp many people just want to charge out and go for kills while their team mates are getting ganked or worse just spam skills (oh look someone sleeped the guy who was kill…