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Krogyn - Nyos
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  • i like all our wings, lvl4 are pretty badass and i like them more then all the others T;Moustache
  • "Krogyn (Paradise) ... good with his guild only." Well, that sound a little rudeT;Angry (or it is a compliment? like i'm good as support for my own guildT;Puzzling) but ok i will try my best to be good when i'm alone too xd As for the aren…
  • lost the trinket whit the 2000 tof that i bought whit gold for an awesome price... ok i can deal whit it (i can deal, but i don't wanna.) lost good runes i bought, i deal whit it again whitout "qq" or talk. Better i don't talk about the st…
  • I will try to help :) the skill work in a "weird" way, first of all your craked shot time need to be active whit at last 1 bullet on it, your enemy need to have 2 burn effect (exatly 2, not 1 or 3+, but 2. don't ask me why xd), and when y…
  • hello, first sorry for my horrible English. back to topic, I do not agree with your idea. yes, I understand your frustration, but the fun of the zodiac is in pvp then, in my opinion, delete that part to allow everyone to take those weapons would mak…
  • (Image) Photobomb, you do it right.
  • well, first of all. Thank you for your help guys, but nothing worked :S. After all the night and the day before it is at the 80-85% i wait for see if the problem will resolve itself. i will never do it again, never! XD (24h no-stop of verify) :DD
  • (Quote) well, yes i do it. like every time there is a new patch :S thats the problem. after i lunch him from the patcher.exe he start to send me a message whit "game.exe" not found and later "the game is corrupted" or other ****…
  • Well, I'm sure that if I created a tournament like that proposed by you, for "balance" using your term, all the cser would create only one or two partys, and it is normal, and then how it would all balanced state? However, I appreciate you…