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anole300#5837 Moderator


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Administrator, Forsaken World Moderator


  • swarning#2238
    Hi Anole300 can u get ahold of me in game ... ThaDarkLord server Eyrda
    April 16
  • mavip4n
    Hi Anole.

    It was last year or so you told me that we will NOT get name change cards in game (like never ever). Oh but now people got cards from smelting robot and already used it to change their in game name... So how about you guys put those cards in boutique, at least for a limited time to be fair and let others use them aswell? Please. :)
    April 10
  • iorrans
    hey Anole, can u can unlock the option for edit post in "Create u wing"i did a post there and was trying edit but the option not is available. thx
    March 21
  • keks117
    hey anole,
    I have only one question, what about the winners of the fashion contest from Europe? (EU)
    You had written " There will be 3 winners from EN and 3 from EU"
    soo....there are only 3 winners of the EN server selected. What about EU?
    Can you explain me why?

    Best regards
    March 15
  • darklineworld
    Can you please look into the spend rewards i think something is wrong with the set amount of star crystals being sent out instead of 12 i think its something like 50 or 100?
    March 2
  • iorrans
    Hello, i keep having issue with My Signature for some reason i can't take any img there, it keep saying "Image not allowed" you have any idea what happening there? the img i'm trying take is that

    so let me know if u can help with it ty.
    February 28
  • ichdumm
    Hi anole300,

    pls be so kind and inform someone who is respond able for german forum.
    Second time now that a post of mine had to be watch over from a admin/FM.
    Only thing i did is copy over and translate e.g. CODE results for the german gamers.
    Some "fine tuning" in the post kick it to "admin must view" section.

    BUT we do not have a admin / FM or someone like that. For ~5 months now.

    Kind regards
    February 17