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Passing time during maint

AeonRuin - LionheartAeonRuin - Lionheart Posts: 175 Arc User
edited March 2015 in General Discussion
Domino must have been so happy with the Candlelit wings that he forgot to do this thread.

Lets see who can post the funniest joke.

(No sexist/racist jokes or anything about religion)

Yo momma is so ugly that she gets arrested in public for "mooning"
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  • BlackLuster - EyrdaBlackLuster - Eyrda Posts: 495 Arc User
    edited March 2015
    He forgot
  • misterkeekomisterkeeko Posts: 6 Arc User
    edited March 2015
    blackluster is so fat he keeping the server down :x
  • TheHandOfG - LionheartTheHandOfG - Lionheart Posts: 29 Arc User
    edited March 2015
    Yo Momma is soo fat she takes a spoon to the superbowl.
  • tutilake88tutilake88 Posts: 644 Arc User
    edited March 2015
    lmao... I'm guessing the servers are still down? I'm bored at work and this thread has potential. Please more jokes D:
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